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S02:E05 - Sisterhooves Social



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A very cute and lovable episode which I liked very much :) My favorite moment would be either where Rarity finds Sweetie Bells self made picture or the moment where she learns that she did the race with Rarity and not AJ. I haven't decided it yet.


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When going back to these old episodes, I always forget that Squeaky Belle was a thing. :p

The plot here is based off a pretty simple sibling feud, but it works pretty well in justifying both Sweetie and Rarity's feelings towards each other. Of course, Rarity is as dramatic as always, but that's why we love her.

I liked the idea of the Sisterhooves Social. That twist at the end of the race caught me off guard on my first viewing. It's cool that if you're paying extremely close attention, you can tell that it's Rarity, not Applejack, just from the eyes. I thought it was pretty a neat way of tying things together. Fun episode overall and definitely had some of my favourite lines from the second season. 

Very cute episode. I really enjoyed watching it. :)

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So... is it bad that I feel a bit detached with this episode?

I can easily imagine the sibling rivalry and hardships aspect being relatable for those with siblings, myself included. Truth be told, Sweetie Belle kinda reminded me of how I was when I was younger, mostly 'cause I myself am a younger brother. I was a bit persistent back then, even bugged my brother a few times when it comes to topics I took some interest in and he would constantly tell me to leave him be. Also, I think Rarity and Sweetie Belle's relationship is a bit interesting since Rarity has a job while Sweetie is just there because her parents dropped her off.

Now his is a bit personal for me, but I've honestly never remembered myself doing any of the activities that any of the ponies in this episode with my older brother. And I think the biggest reason for that is that my brother and I... aren't very close. Maybe back then we'd have a conversation or two, but nowadays, neither of us communicated, if even at all. It became more apparent when he left to America to study, heck I didn't even get to say goodbye because he left while I was at school. Though I don't really blame him, he and I just have more differences than similarities.

As much as I want to like this episode for showing the different relationships siblings could have, this episode just feels very detached for me. Like how it's good for me on the surface, but it just feels very empty personally. I'm not saying it's bad, but that my personal experience kinda affected my perception on this episode.

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I always found the lesson of this one to be something relatable. You think you want someone gone, but then you find out you need them more than ever. Rarity disguising herself in the mud was always the best part to me. A fun light hearted episode. 

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Sister's fighting sounds so much more complicated than brothers fighting. When I fought with my brother, we used to punch, throw stuff at each other and overall just letting out our anger. Then we'd calm down, talk it over, and it was done in 1h.

Here, they need 48 hours, ton of preparation to make the switch, having to run a whole race together, deceive the little sister. Sounds like a drag. It's also kind of Rarity's fault that Sweetie Bell did all those mistakes, she should've taken care of her more, poor little thing. But hey, all's well that ends well.

7+0.5/10, bonus points because Applejack is best sister.

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