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First custom-drawn OC: advice


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YAY! First hand-drawn pony! Well, really I suppose it's probably like the fifth... but the others are a disgrace to ponydom. XD


Still trying to find a name for him... and I am still working on the designs of his mane and tail. Not to mention trying to find a fitting cutie mark as well. Another thing, I'm planning to make him a unicorn as well... but I'll explain that farther below.


I'm also planning for him to also have a golf hat/bunnet with headphones overtop: post-20728-0-71446900-1390014014_thumb.jpg

Anyway, I'll start with his personality...

He acts a little crazy at times. Not Pinkie crazy, but likes to think that he's crazy... thus making him crazy? Anyway, he is very similar to me in which my anxiety is brought out of the equation. Very much like me when I'm on the internet. He has a deep caring for other ponies, probably a whole lot more care than he does for himself. He feels like he wants to change the world, but doesn't know where to start... he can do a lot of things, and he knows that. Music is a thing he's getting into, he's been told he's a good writer, but the largest thing of everything must have to be his passion for seeking the mysteries of the universe. He looks out there, and wonders if there is anything else to life rather than living it day by day. He looks out there, and wonders what the meaning of life is... besides "42." Although, a downside from his intellect is having other ponies not understand him... he beats himself up over this, but tries to remain calm and keep his mind in focus. Socially, he didn't have too many friends as he grew up. Partially because of how different he was from other ponies.


I'm planning to have his cutie mark be... something not so specific, but rather having a very expanded meaning. Here are some of my ideas that I have in mind for his cutie mark, if anyone has something to add to this, please feel free to help.

- Something to do with a key (not because he works selling keys, but rather because of his personal experience he's had

  with his first pony friend... who recently passed away. It has a metaphorical meaning of understanding who he means to

  the world, that he has a passion for finding out a reason... to find a key.)


Oh ya, I'm planning to also have him be a unicorn... but he's not exactly like any other unicorn. He likes to be different from other ponies, and therefor he's always coming up with very... strange spells. They don't usually work, but sometimes he finds a new spell here and there that is quite fascinating. He does this a lot in his free time, and doesn't really tell other ponies about it... partially because he thinks they wouldn't care anyway.


Last thing, I'm trying to decide what colors to use on him. Colors that come to mind are red and blue, but I don't quite know for sure.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please comment on what you think of my OC so far. I'd really appreciate it too if you also give ideas for the colors, cutie mark, ect...

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