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About Me

Hello Im Lone Wolf, Im an Aromantic, I live in Colorado, and I am a very shy person who has Aspergers . I'm also a gamer ,comic book reader and video gamer (I see video games as art). I also retired off of consoles mainly because of how many broken games have been released. That doesn't mean I don't like AAA games and I do like them when they are done very well.


I also like point out, unlike a lot of people, I only played only a couple of Nintendo games. The only ones I played were: Mario Kart 64 and Wii, and Mario Super World.


Plus I also like point out that I hardly know anything about Pokemon outside of Gen 1. I only know 151 of them and that's it. I stopped following Pokemon in like 2004-06. So its not a matter if or if not I can get into Pokemon I just cant. Trying to get back into now is near impossible with now 500+ new Pokemon, really overwhelming for me. Plus, I barely played any Pokemon games growing up (the only one I played was Pokemon Snap). I just watched the anime series until the 3rd movie . So yeah, Im indifferent to Pokemon.I love animation as art as well.


I do think the list below well tell you my tastes in movies, TV, and video games






Cartoons, Anime, and Live Action shows


Doctor Who




Favorite Games



Favorite Music Bands



Favorite Video Game Soundtracks



Favorite Movie/show soundtracks



Some of My Favorite Non-Brony Songs


Favorite Brony Songs


Live Action Movies



Animation Movies



Favorite Comic Book Runs/Series








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    There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes
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