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  1. Do entries need to have been published after a particular date? Are they eligible if they were posted in 2014?
  2. Don't forget It may bring more views for an unknown author, but fewer comments.
  3. You can't "make it big" writing fanfic. I've been published on EqD 6 times, about as much as anybody. I have 570 followers and 56,000 views on fim-fiction. The most-watched writer is Pen Stroke, with 3000 followers and 125,000 views. Nobody knows me if I go to a convention. Compare that to music or animation, where getting 100,000 views on a single animation would make you moderately popular. Animation is a lot more work. It's best done as a team effort. Music or voice acting is probably the best way to get famous--you CAN do it all yourself, though it's more fun to work with others. But if you haven't already got one of those skills, you're behind the curve. I can't think of anybody who'se "gotten big" at something they hadn't already done for many years before joining the fandom. In animation, comedy will make you famous. In fan-fic, clop will get you a lot of followers quickly but will never take you to the top. Romance will get you a lot of followers quickly and /might/ take you to the top, e.g., SleeplessBrony. In the good old days of 2011, you could "break in" with a major long work. Now, you need to do comedy shorts to get a little attention. It's sort of too late to be "big" in fan-fiction--there's too much competition. No stories are going to become as famous as Fallout:Equestria, Past Sins, or My Little Dashie anymore, for the same reasons no writer will ever become as famous as Shakespeare. (He's not the best. He just got there first.)