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  1. If some of you guys don't like the Homestruck comic, don't post in the topic. I personally haven't read it, and only found out about it in this topic, but for the love of Celestia, be mature. I dunno, if you can be, that is.
  2. *gives a thumbs up and wide grin, as if signifying a smug "Good for you!"*
  3. Ezynell: Hey, thanks for the Trixie one! Didn't have that one yet. :3 Shadow Stallion: Okay, then. Thanks for looking out, then. Pony Joe: Ah, yes! The original gif can help a lot, I'm sure. Thank you.
  4. No, really? I would not have figured that out myself. /sarcasm I was more specifically(and, I as my post originally implied) asking where to find specific gifs like that, which has ponies doing that dance with words above them specifically tailored to their personalities(or whatever). Thanks for the website, though. Maybe if I rummage through it enough, I can find something. Though first, I am following SrFrog's advice. Thanks, man.
  5. I am just asking, because I am seeing them all over the internet(with different ponies, too) and they're awesome. Is there a name for them? Is it some kind of meme? I want more! Can someone pretty please tell me?
  6. Here are all of my accounts(do keep in mind, I am not going to be active on the PSN until I get a Vita, I do not have much games on Steam, no multiplayer games on the 3DS, and my Gamertag is what I use the most, hands-down): Gamertag: FierceHobbe PSN Name: GoreProducer 3DS Friend Code: 2964-8691-3333 Steam Name: DecisiveGamer
  7. Heh, ain't that the truth. Thanks. I just still wish my capture card would still work. ._.
  8. Time for an afternoon cat nap. :D

  9. Uhm, no. I believe this is what you were referring to: Global Equestria is not my website, so, e'yup.
  10. I've seen another one called Global Equestria, but never got around to joining. And it now looks like you need to register and sign in to even view the forum, so I am not sure if I even want to join, since I cannot see how the community is and such.
  11. I read the image's caption with the voice of Ace Ventura, as nature intended. Anyways, never used Chrome. Never liked it. Chrome sucks, sucks harder now, and forever will suck in my eyes. Opera for life, as it's actually a good browser compared to things such as Chrome, IE and Firefox. Of course, this is my opinion.
  12. Gotham City: Imposters is pure awesomeness.

    1. Vicke


      Whats it about?

    2. Ganondork


      Not much, really. It's an online shooter set in the Batman universe, but since it's just that, there's hardly a story to it.

  13. It sadly does not. It's a cheap little thing I bought, more as a gateway to capture cards. But one day I am going to upgrade, as this thing mysteriously stopped working... crud.
  14. Well, I am off to the shower. And then, I go forth on a journey to Big Lots, where I shall get some bargain bin PC games. I always, always find wonderful gems there. Dirt cheap, as well.

    1. ScottishUnicorn


      Geez I wish there was a big lots where I lived, I bet they have older PC games too.

  15. Bulletstorm was mine, and damn oh damn... was it an amazing, hilarious, and deep game. Loved it. Highly unappreciated.