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  1. Mane 6, Spike, and Starlight reading Animorphs

    Well, my answer was my personal observation.
  2. Mane 6, Spike, and Starlight reading Animorphs

    I was also asking if you saw the Changeling-Yeerk connection as I did. Heck in #19 Cassie made a deal that the Yeerk Aftran would release her host and go back to being a blind slug in exchange for Cassie to morph into a blind caterpillar and stay past the 2 hour limit trapping her in that form. Aftran expected a selfish human like Cassie to break the deal and morph out. But when Cassie kept her word, Aftran saw her as trustworthy and wanted her to morph out but Caterpillar Cassie couldn't hear her and got trapped. By the time the rest of the Animorphs found them. After hearing about the deal, most of the Animorphs didn't trust her to let her go, but like Twilight being the first to accept Thorax as a Friend, Jake decided to trust Aftran and let her go. And Yeerk Aftran kept her word, freeing her host, a little girl named Karen Heck, Cassie escaped being stuck as a caterpillar when she became a butterfly, resetting the morphing time limit parraels the Changelings being free once they reached their butterfly forms.
  3. Mane 6, Spike, and Starlight reading Animorphs

    *sigh* Like I said, Spike would relate to Cassie befrending a Yeerk just like he did with Thorax. That would answer the answer at least for Spike. The others? I have no idea.
  4. Mane 6, Spike, and Starlight reading Animorphs

    @heavens-champion Being a reader of that book series back in high school from 2003-maybe 2008 AFTER its initial publication releases from 1996-2001, I have some things to say. I don't have the time to say it all at once, so here's my first big connection observation. For one, the Yeerk invaders that invade your head and read your memories to pass themselves off as if nothing's wrong can be similar to evil Changelings that replaced the original pony they're imitating. Heck, my 2 favorite books are #19: The Departure and #29: The Sickness, both starring the Animal care-taker of the group, Cassie. In #19, Cassie meets a Yeerk named Aftran controlling a little girl and discovers not ALL Yeerks want to invade and wish to find a better way for them to get what they want. In #29, All of the main Animorphs have gotten sick, leaving Cassie alone to try and save Aftran before the good Yeerk would be forced to reveal to the Yeerk Empire all the secrets of our heroes. Just replace Aftran with Thorax and Cassie's role in #19 with Spike's role in "Times They Are a Changeling" and Cassie's role in #29 with Starlight's role in "To Where and Back Again." What do you think of that?
  5. Disneyland Trip Pics

    Been a pass-holder since 2004. Bet it was longer than you.
  6. Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Hey don't forget to give me a caption.
  7. Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    @Nightmare Terror Go see my new Movie.
  8. Sorry I didn't chat much on this week's episode, but I will bring my A game come next episode. ;)

    1. Truffles


      No worries! Definitely a good episode to do a deep dive into next week! :D

    2. SwitchGuy2018


      I even know the perfect poll lines for it.

  9. episode discussion S08:E10 - The Break Up Break Down

    I love the resolves: Big Mac and Sugar Belle realized there was a misunderstanding Discord helped to get them back together after doing the wrong thing of giving Big Mac bad advice. The CMC realized the letter was a mix-up but took it quite well. And Spike apparently seems to ship Discord and Fluttershy together. All in all, this was a fine episode to me.
  10. Ask an Emperor!

    A Video Games series that I guess doesn't get releases in France.
  11. Ask an Emperor!

    Kinda reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks a bit. Doesn't it?
  12. Ask an Emperor!

    King Thorax is one of the nicest Leaders and is very mature even if softspoken. After students from several different kingdoms and nations including Thorax's went missing, While all the other leaders are threatening to go to war with Equestria and each other unless their students are found, Thorax doesn't blame anyone and wants to avoid a war.
  13. Ask an Emperor!

    Would you consider me an ambassador between the Changeling Kingdom and the Trains Empire?
  14. Ask BloodMoon & Feather Bangs

    So, I heard Big Mac and Sugar Belle eventually forgave you since you moved on to other ponies and your boyfriend.