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  1. Hi folks, Since the Squares shut down, we've gained users on PonyCrush. We're in need of better moderation controls and mobile apps. The site's built on Laravel as a traditional multiple-page MVC application with a rudimentary frontend API. We're going to be expanding that API and moving business logic where it belongs. So with that, we're seeking devs up to the task who'd like to help revamp our little gem. PM me for more details. Thanks.
  2. Last thing I drank was coffee -- as usual.. y'know... Kiiiinda addicted to caffeine.
  3. Listening to ... Writing a bit more code for a new portion to my site...
  4. I just recently discovered your project, and I think it's awesome! Even greater to find out now that there'll be yet a newer version. Can't wait! ...and it runs on Arch Linux beautifully by the way.
  5. Hi and welcome to the community! The ponies and staff here seem very friendly. You should fit right in. Hope to see your art one of these days. See you around!