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  1. Chevette

    Gaming MUGEN

    Like the Honda Civic Mugen Si? They only made 1,000 units, and the vehicle had an MSRP of $29,500 in the United States. Very pretty. Well, It's a Civic, so it's obviously very pretty,
  2. Chevette

    SO... TODAY ON FACEBOOK... *pics*

    Fucking dumbasses these days not knowing about VTEC. What kind of shit is this... How do they even operate a computer properly.... You'd think folks like this would compromise the structural integrity of anything they come in contact with considering they can't even construct proper sentences. Especially if they don't know about VTEC.
  3. . This pretty much speaks for itself. Fluttershy reminds me of not great things, which makes her not great.
  4. Hey kids, you know what? *kids scream in curiosity* Fluttershy is 10/10 NOT GREAT! What makes her not great? Easy! She's got as much character development as a folding chair locked in the closet of a mid to late 60's travel trailer. Not much you can do with that shit in a goddamn travel trailer to begin with. THERE IS NO ROOM TO UNFOLD IT. Just like there is no room for Fluttershy's character to develop farther than being really goddamn shy. Even when they attempt to unfold her metaphorical chair, it goes nowhere and it closes right back up. In order for a character to be good, there's got to difference of potential! Fluttershy lacks in this greatly.
  5. Chevette

    Adding Maud Pie to our choices of favourite pony.

    Yeah, she was different alright. Everyone could tell that she was not like the rest, which is exactly why I stated "Folks are only diggin' her 'cause she ain't like the rest of 'em." But personally, I don't feel that excuses her for being utterly boring and not funny at all in my opinion. But in all seriousness, Honda Civics are the glue that holds this world together. Where would we be without VTEC.
  6. Chevette

    Adding Maud Pie to our choices of favourite pony.

    *tokes dobbie* Wait a second... This portion of the sentence just stands out the little "DOHC VTEC" sticker on the side of many Hondas: "She's very unique in a sense that she's very bland" In comparison, many folks think the HYUNDAI SONATA is rather bland, but yet they don't see what is unique about it. What's my point? Simple lil' fellas, if whatever the subject at hand happens to be isn't in the preference of the person, the said person is usually not interested in it. Therefore it's like "whatever, man" or folks just hate it for no reason... In the case of Maud Pie, I feel like folks are just liking her just because she is acting supposedly "bland" and "not like the others"... goddamn hipsters.... Anyways, I guess people have to like something for some reason, right? Even if it is FROWNED UPON IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT... (By saying "this establishment", I of course am implying that I own everything... Duh..) So, yeah... Do I like Maud Pie and want her as a choice for favorite pony? Hell no. Why? Simple, even though folks are saying "gotta request it n' stuff" for getting favorite ponies on the list, I want Honda Civic on there. Yet if I requested it, I'm sure folks would complain that the Honda Civic is in fact not a pony. In my reality, the Civic is a pony and it should be there. So yeah, based on that I'm going to say negative ghost rider on Maud Pie. The fandom already has too much of a hard-on for rocks to begin with, no need to antagonize that subject any more that it already is. Oh yeah, Rae says Sunset Shimmer is perfect and based on that logic, we should get Sunset Shimmer and the Honda Civic on the best pony list. The End. Here's a Civic for your enjoyment...
  7. Chevette


    Whoa, dude... *tokes doobie* That's like some, *cough* good hooch, brah. When in doubt, toke one out. *tokes bigger doobie*
  8. Chevette

    Ever wonder what overhead camshafts look like at 14,000 RPM?

    In a Honda, when clutch drops the bullshit stops.
  9. Chevette

    Hyundai Sonata

    I can understand what you are saying, some things just don't hit home for certain people. I'm perfectly down with folks who don't care that much for vehicles, but I'll just throw my input in to your situation a little. I can see from what you wrote that you have all around have had multiple terrible experiences with automobiles. To be fair toward the vehicles, (I know that may sound silly) but sometimes the folks who are behind the wheel are the ones that are deadly. The vehicles aren't the one going around on a rampage n' whatnot. It's not the gun who pulls the trigger. As for the whole money wasted on crashing the vehicles into a wall, well you said yourself you are a advocate of safety in vehicles and in order to accomplish this task, the manufacturers must comply with these specific regulations even if it seems like a waste. As for leasing, I mean not everyone does this. Some people take pride in their vehicle for the pure enjoyment it brings. I mean, everyone has quirks like that and it'd be unfair to condemn the whole designation over how a handful of people go about purchasing their automobiles. Granted not everyone puts the respect and care into their vehicle as it deserves, which really makes vehicles look bad on a certain level. Take Honda Civics for example (in comparison, of course) The owners of these vehicles usually abuse the crap out of them by doing half-asses performance modifications to squeeze what little horsepower they can out of them. In result, this gives the vehicle itself a bad name, yet the vehicle isn't really bad whatsoever. I mean hell, anything that can go through the hell of a un-informed supposed "gearhead" teenager unplugging the coolant temperature sensor in a grasping attempt to gain power by tricking the PCM into pouring more fuel into the cylinder due to the PCM thinking the vehicle is running cold (which in response, adds more fuel to attempt to warm the vehicle up). Sure that comparison may have been a little in depth, but ya know. I feel like it gets the point across. I mean it's totally okay to not agree with things but I'm just tossing in my sense on the subject. I feel the more informed I am on something, the more legitimacy I have to either like or dislike it, ya know. Not really a shot at anyone particularly, just how I go about explaining things.
  10. Chevette

    Hyundai Sonata

    Well, looks are indeed a preference. Not everyone can dig the looks of a 1983 Chevrolet Citation, but I feel it's a decent looking vehicle, just a very poor in the mechanical aspect. My point from this is, there are two sides to the fence when it comes to everything. Especially automobiles. The Sonata may not have the looks you prefer as a consumer, but my point wasn't if people liked the looks of it, because anyone can throw that out there. The design may be supposedly "mainstream" but my point of the topic was to relay the mechanical aspects, reliability, economical features and other factual information that has to do with the Hyundai Sonata's structural integrity. Opinions on the design are really indifferent to any of this.
  11. Chevette

    Hyundai Sonata

    I try and like a little bit of everything really and attempt to appreciate the vehicles for every aspect (looks, mechanical, practicality & reliability) Sure people dog down looks of a vehicle first before reading into the said vehicle any further, but that's kinda what this topic is about. Taking something average and overlooked and getting folks to dig deeper. I can understand your preferences because I own a BMW and I definitely enjoy everything about it, and I agree that German built cars are very solid vehicles. I'm not one to single one vehicle out without research though. I can feel it mister krabs
  12. Chevette

    Hyundai Sonata

    I can dig it. I the 84' Volvo is a pretty great looking vehicle, I can totally feel it mister krabs. I'm sure the reliability aspect was also existent on this vehicle considering many Volvos have a tendency to be great running automobiles. I can say a Volvo 200 series wagon would be pretty nifty, even the turbo one would be equally as great. Interesting... Replace the word "topics" with "posts" in the above quote and it is then applicable to the current situation at hand.
  13. Chevette

    Hyundai Sonata

    So, how many of you lil' fellas have ever been sitting at home wondering "Hmm... Nothing to do... Let's browse the internet!" Well, fret not my fellow forum goers! Because we've all been down that path, and as you know, sometimes that path leads ya down some wild trails. What does this all have to do with the topic title? Well, I'll tell ya you crazy lil' fella! *ruffles hair* The mighty Hyundai Sonata. Yes, that's right! The mighty HYUNDAI SONATA! It's pretty great. Don't believe me? Take my word for it anyways. It's fucking ridiculously awesome. Why make a topic about this machine that is so wonderful yet overlooked by society? Simple, I want to know what you think about Hyundai Sonatas. Yes YOU! (don't fuck this up, i'm giving you a chance to prove yourself worthy in my eyes) If you like the Hyundai Sonata, throw down your opinion! If you don't like the Hyundai Sonata, throw down your opinion as well as long as you are prepared to defend yourself. Like really, anything about Hyundai Sonatas you feel the need to mention, go for it kid. So, I bet you are asking yourself a few questions at this current moment in time... Not a problem, let me answer those puppies right up like the generous forum member I am with this easy & convenient FAQ section! FAQ: What should I say about the mighty Hyundai Sonata? Answer: Anything you like. Just make sure it's not stupid! FAQ: I don't know anything about the Hyundai Sonata or any vehicles, why am I here? Answer: Umm... Boo-boos, eh? Hmmm... I think you guys want that hospital... *points to Weenie Hut General* FAQ: I feel like creating a heated debate over Hyundai Sonatas! Answer: Awesome! Let's see it, just be able to back up what you are saying. FAQ: I think the Hyundai Sonata is a inferior vehicle and believe a much more stereotypical vehicle such as a Mustang or a Camaro trumps the Sonata any day. Answer: Not great. Pretty closed minded and vague. If you are going to say that, leave. Just leave. They aren't in the same category. FAQ: What does a Hyundai Sonata even look like? Answer: Scroll down and you'll see FAQ: I am lead on to believe that my cousin has some type of venereal disease, what should I do? Answer: Probably kill yourself. FAQ: What makes the Hyundai Sonata so special that you felt so much inclined to write a topic on it? Answer: Many things, if you scroll to the bottom, you'll find some information on the Sonata. FAQ: What year did the Sonata first enter the market? Answer: It started production in 1985 and assembled in Ulsan, Korea. FAQ: I automatically hate this vehicle because it is not American. Answer: Being that closed minded will get you nothing but a wheelbarrow full of dicks up your ass. FAQ: You seem to know stuff about vehicles, Chevette. Why? Answer: Because racecar. FAQ: What is the most impressive thing about the Hyundai Sonata? Answer: The Hyundai Sonata is 2014's "Best Midsize Car for the Money" FAQ: Reading this glorious FAQ section makes me more open minded about vehicles! Thank you! Answer: Awesome, that was the goal. FAQ: Chevette, do you personally own a Hyundai Sonata? Answer: Unfortunately, no. I'd like to have one laying around someday along with my other current vehicles and other vehicles I hope to own. FAQ: If you don't own a Hyundai Sonata, then what do you drive? Answer: I own and drive a 2010 BMW 135i (3.0L twin-turbo I6, 336 horse) a 2006 Pontiac GTO (6.0L LS2 V8, 400 horse) and a 1982 Chevrolet Silverado (5.7L 350cu-in V8, 355 horse). Yep, racecars. FAQ: I love you. Answer: Good, you should. FAQ: Which generation of Hyundai Sonata do you like the most? Answer: Probably generation 5 (2004-2010) but the new ones are sexy too. Fuck, all generations are pretty great... FAQ: This is stupid. Answer: So are 75% of the topics on this forum. You know who you are and what you post. This is automatically better because it has something called effort put into it. Alright, so now that the FAQ's are out of the way, let's learn a little bit about the mighty Hyundai Sonata and it's significance on this forum! *kids scream in joy* Okay folks to start off, the Hyundai Sonata is a full-sized sedan manufactured by the Hyundai Motor Company since 1985. The Sonata is currently still in production and is already approved for 2015 as well. The Sonata sits on a FF-layout which is simply front engine, front wheel drive. The Sonata has had many different engines over the many years it has been around and still currently has five engine options. FAQ: Wait a second, are you just copying this shit from the internet, because anyone can do that! Answer: Nah, brah. I actually know about the Sonata. Some things I may be double checking, but I have a very good understanding on the vehicle's features and how a internal combustion engine operates. Sorry, but I knew that someone was thinking that. Anyways, the Sonata hits home for many buyers in a wide range of categories. We're talking style, fuel economy, stylish interior and power to boot. I bet you are thinking "Power? HA! In a Hyundai? That's unheard of!" Well sir and or madam, you couldn't be more wrong. With Hyundai's 2.0 liter inline four cylinder turbo slamming out a respectable 274 horsepower and 269 foot-pounds of torque, it's not hard for this vehicle to get up and go. Yeah, I know. Mustangs and Camaros are throwing much more horsies down to the ground than 274, but let's be honest. This is a everyday, family vehicle that give the power to get up and go along with the safety and reliability of a Hyundai. You see what I mean? For a vehicle that can throw down in luxury, style, looks, performance, and emissions, the Sonata hits home. I mean, shit guys. The new Sonata has a manual transmission option, what more could one ask for at this point in this category of vehicle?! With great reviews from reputable websites such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, Motor Trend, and Consumer Guide the Sonata really just seems like a great choice in a automobile of it's class. I'll give it to Hyundai on this one, they've done good. Sure I could sit here and preach about the Sonata for many more paragraphs, but then how could other lovely forum members contribute to this wondrous topic? That's right, they couldn't! So I'll park our conversation here and throw in a few Sonata pictures. It's 10/10 pretty great. Buy the fuck out of one right now. Or else... HYUNNDYE SOONATU
  14. Chevette

    Twilight aspie?

    I'm not exactly sure on why this is a question, I mean like... why would Twilight be in that situation? She's furthering her studies and advancing her intelligence in the magic of friendship... Not exactly unsociable especially since the show revolves around her making friends n' stuff... Okay, okay... Let's actually get started on this. Alright, if someone is automatically classified with a social disorder because they are more interested in being alone, that's not great. Everyone sails their own ship, (or they should be sailing their own ship) so I can't exactly say any form of autism is present within the show. Especially since the show is about Twilight making friends and discovering the magic of fuckin' friendship, I mean, she's just tryin' to learn, yo. That's really it, yo. I mean they are colorful cartoon pastel horses, they do what they want.
  15. Chevette

    Ya wanna know what I think?

    Some folks just need to take a few steps back, realize what they are saying and shut the fuck up because it's legitimately insignificant. Especially if these said people are running around the internet preaching about how they want to commit suicide. Life is only as miserable as one makes it. Don't be a passenger in the Hyundai Sonata of life, run around the fuckin' thing at a stoplight and get in the driver's seat, take the wheel, grab a gear and find your own road. Then and only then will people get their heads out of their asses and actually do something about their supposed "depression" and actually live.