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    Hi I'm SugaFlufff I'm a unicorn...I have no cutie Mark I look up to Pinkie Pie..She's my favorite...i like to dance and play around..I'm playful,happy and bouncy

  2. -dances- its a dance party with cupcakes,do you like cupcakes..they are so yummy -smiles happily and dances more-you should dance with its so fun to dance-eats cupake and smiles big and plays with a balloon and dticks face to it and rubs on head and smile
  3. ohok Thank you so much ...i already did something in the roleplay thing.. hehehe
  4. dances party-dances and wiggles

  5. -dances with cupcakes and wiggles around everywhere.-do da do da day day da...hehehe dance dance-eats cupcakes and dances to and grabs stuff bunny and spins around-wheres that the other party pony-wiggles and dances around and break dances around
  6. Sugarflufff
  7. thank you....hehe im glad to meet you..-smiles happily still dancng around eating cupcakes
  8. i like pinkie pie fluttershy then rainbow then twilight then more like pinkie pie...i look up to her as a ponyyy.
  9. thanks againi wanna be friends with everypony dont matter m -dancrs -hehe-giggles-Im a gummibear. hehehr -wiggles tailand ears
  10. I LIKE CUPCAKES-dances around

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    2. SugarFlufff


      Nooo rainbow dash needs a cupcake-looks big-

    3. Princess Derpy
    4. SugarFlufff


      -pouts and eats slot of cupcakes- no like cupcakes

  11. Pinkie Pie-giggles-

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    2. SugarFlufff


      A tree..I wanna be a tree x3-bounces up and down-Pinkie pie

    3. TwiliciousAlkoi


      How much sugar have you eaten? :o

    4. SugarFlufff


      A LOT -dances around-make me a tree-giggles

  12. Im happy but bored

  13. thank you all ^-^ hehe i hope i meet alot of young still i dont got a cutie mark yet
  14. SugarFlufff


    Hi Im SugarFlufff c: im new nice to meet you all.Im a unicorn c:lo