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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord whistled a tune, notes visibly floating out of his mouth before dropping to the ground and turning to chocolate. If anyone were to eat the chocolate, it would temporarily change their skin/fur to a random colored pattern. perhaps pink polka dots, maybe a myriad of colorful trapezoids or a series of red and blue stripes and cause sound affects to be heard accompanying their actions.
  2. Hey everypony, how's everything going? Been having some late days at work the last couple days, but I guess that just means a bit more money :squee: 


    Hope everypony is doing Awemazingly well! :D 


    Side note: Anypony want a key for 7 Days to Die on Steam? :derp: 

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      Handsome Changeling

      Eee Gahds man, you’re still around? Random I know but I swear since I first joined years ago I see you each time I pop back in it’s impressive.

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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord snapped his talons, dispersing the cage in an 'explosion' of butterflies. "Now there's something for the mortals to ponder." He commented, taking a bite out of his teacup and chewing thoughtfully. "How would a fish drown? Without magic or myself being involved, of course."
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord chuckled to himself as he sipped his tea, enjoying the constant shift of the conversational flow and the bits of confusion sowed into the mix. "Would you like a pillow?" He offered the Sphinx, conjuring a soft silk pillow with a special comfort cloud filling of a proper size for the Sphinx to lay on. "I personally enjoy that particular kind of pillow when I feel like a snooze." Discord tapped his claw to his chin, at the Sphinx's suggestion "Yes, I was thinking something similar. Should the deal be broken, the crystal will shatter and each fragment shall form tiny self-sustaining lava lamps." The chaos spirit sipped his tea, "And you'd want to be careful about touching them, Lava lamps get hot after all." He had to roll his eyes slightly at Lucid's attempts to constantly one-up the sphinx and temple, deciding to pitch in after reading a bit of the script "I'll spot you the fifty bits later Lucid, there's no need to cause trouble for our host or retaliate on her temple, she's really been very patient with you all." He didn't include himself in that as he had, after all, been on his best behavior... Mostly. Thankfully the bits of chaos and the current conflict have been helping him to control his urges to do much more than just relax and enjoy himself. Not to mention the presence of his dear friend Fluttershy, even if she is just a tad bit aggravated.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight "Of course" Discord agreed, bringing another teacup into existence for Onache. "Hmm.. Do changelings drink tea?" He briefly wondered.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord rolled his eyes, floating the tea Fluttershy so thoughtfully poured over to the Sphinx. "As much as I'm enjoying the chaos, I believe both sides should be allowed to eat. I have warped minds and twisted beings, but I have yet to take away one's free will.. Simply warped them into making different choices with that will." He coughed into a talon, "Anyways... the point is that the changelings should be free to stay the way they are if they so choose. Taking that choice away will only make them hate it all the more, and if they are both hateful and no longer in need of ponies for a food source.. Well, I'm fairly certain we can all guess where that would go." The Chaos spirit snapped a talon, conjuring a glowing pink stone about the size of a teapot. "I have a proposal of sorts. I can create a stone of love energy that will refill each day, allowing you to feed you and your changelings enough to live and defend yourselves but not enough to go out and cause problems.. On the condition that you take no hostile actions against the ponies unless it is in self-defense." He offered to Onache, not really caring about the outcome one way or the other but still curious how she might react.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord waved a claw dismissively at the Sphinx, "Those were just hypothetical when I referenced you." He said with a shrug, "But I'm sure I could have things ready in a snap, if you really wanted." The chaos spirit glanced at Lucid as he began attempting to negotiate terms, but decided to watch how things played out rather than discourage him. Can't go around solving everyone's problems after all. Spirit of chaos and disharmony, not helpfulness and order. As it is, most of his active participation has been for Fluttershy's sake.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord hummed, "Well often magically enforced deals do still have loopholes for the determined and the clever." He allowed, carefully chewing a piece of marble. "How easy that is depends on the wording and the type. Typically, a written contract enforced with magic will follow the word of the agreement as it is written, allowing one to potentially complete the contract by following the words on the page. For example, a written contract to a racer. The stipulation to end the contract is that the racer must cross the finish line, but if it's not written how many times they must cross, or if it must be at the start or end of the race, or other details often taken for granted, they could technically cross the line once in a moonwalk, then run off into the sunset and still come out of the contract alright." Discord took a few sips of salt to wet his throat, "Meanwhile a verbal deal often follows the spirit or intent of the agreement." The chaos spirit continued, "Which can make it easier or harder to get out of, depending on the deal made. In order for the deal to complete, one or both parties must complete or receive whatever was agreed upon, in the manner originally expected by the party that the portion of the contract is being done for. The how doesn't matter if it's not agreed upon, but the end result is the most important thing in a magically reinforced verbal contract." He then turned over his teacup, allowing the tea to rise up and fill it. "Unfortunately in either case, often there are consequences to be had should the magic not be satisfied with the result, or should the terms of the agreement not be met. In a written agreement, it's simply a matter of twisting the wording to your advantage. In a verbal agreement, the result is judged by magic and intent, meaning that it must be as agreed upon. Once the terms have been met in either case, the magic upholding the deal dissipates and neither is bound by it any longer unless they had put their own free will or services as either collateral or part of the agreement. If there was collateral, it depends on whether or not the contract was upheld." Discord coughed and retched a bit before quickly beginning to wash his mouth out with hot sauce, sugar, and rainbows, "Blegh, so much exposition I could taste it. So bland!" After a few moments of this, he turned to Lucid. "It could be a sign of losing power, or it could be a sign of corruption." He stated simply, "The rules of magical deals don't always affect Sphinxes and certain other creatures the same way as most. In her case, it could be twisting her as a consequence of stepping out of line for the deal. There's so many reasons it could be, it always astounds me when someone draws a conclusion with a permanent irreversible solution and thinks it's a good idea to follow through." Discord transformed into a viking looking outfit complete with axe. "There's a magical doohicky that's keeping us sealed in our village! Let's destroy it!" he changed back, looking unamused. "And that's how that village was removed from existence due to the magical backlash of energy originally meant to protect their no-so-little village from danger until said danger was far enough away. You need to understand the nature of some magics before you start messing with them, even if you mean well."
  9. Confuzzled by the award, didn't even realize that was a thing.. But thanks!


    Hope you're having a good weekend :squee: 

  10. Apparently I just received awards from either Buffy or Rarity in the form of some train tickets, a spool of her thread, and some zap apple jam...?



    Why do I feel like I'm being framed? :mlp_confused:


    But mostly I just feel a bit confuzzled by the random addition.. I didn't even know I had an awards tab! :muffins:


    Plus the notification says Buffy, but the award says Rarity. (and gives no reason) :mlp_confused: :derp:

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      Regal Shadow

      If it makes you feel any better, I just got the same things. I also didn't know I had an awards tab.


  11. Everything is greyscale!


    I shall be the first to boop in greyscale, mwahahaha~


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      I shall be the first to boop you back in grey scale. *Boop :mlp_rarity:

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      Greyscale so needs to be an oc dragon too!

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      That is a genius idea.

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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight "Oh don't worry about that Fluttershy." Discord grinned as he began to quietly explain, "We just need to let the Sphinx complete her deal. Until that's done, her magic binds her to do so. And trust me, breaking a deal or oath enforced by magical means can bring.. Unpleasant consequences, even for one such as me." He chuckled, "That's why I rarely bind any deals with magic- though I believe such a thing is simply part of a sphinx's nature." Discord munched on his tea, the tea within the cup defying physics to stay within the cup despite the chunks being taken out of the porcelain. "And once she's done whatever she promised, she'll no longer have to help or see to anything beyond that. So, for example.. Say she promised to provide all of Equestria as slaves for that changeling." He gestured vaguely, "Once she's put every pony in collars or confinement for the changeling, she'll likely no longer be bound to help- Any who would escape or free others would no longer be her concern." Discord winked at his friend conspiratorially. "So all we need to do is relax and wait. And if I'm wrong..." The draconequus shrugged, "Well, I'll still be here for you."
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      But what iiis Boop? And how do Boop?!!?

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      Boop is a boop is a boop to the snoot. And you boop like this: *Boop* :P 

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  14. Hey, hope everypony has an amazing weekend! :D 


    In a twist of why not, I'm giving out some gifts during the month of my birth :P 

    In all seriousnessnesses stuffs, I've got a two more games for free if anypony wants them. One's a Steam key, and the other is on Blizzard but both are PC games:

    Without further ado about the gaming dodo (IT watches me.. Waiting.. <.<), I've got Keys for Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition and Overwatch here for whoever wants 'em :squee: 

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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord harrumphed as if he were an annoyed noble, "Fine then, we'll just have to have our tea time inside." He remarked before enlarging the inside of the cage to the size of a large room, bringing the tea-table and other tea related items inside, and then slamming the 'door' in a mock huff. "Anyways.." The chaos spirit began speaking to Fluttershy cheerfully, as though he hadn't just been acting upset, "Would you like some biscuits with your tea?"
  16. @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight@Blitz Boom Sorry for the lack of postings lately, I'm house sitting for a friend (Actually staying at their place for the duration, as they have a cat and dog I have to feed before and after work on the week days.) and they have absolutely terrible internet in the weirdest way. I can stream videos just fine most of the time, or voicechat on xbox, or even do multiplayer with only a bit of lag- but downloading anything, browsing the web, and online chat systems are superduper slow... (Edit: There are short periods of time where the internet is almost great. )
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord looked to where the bunny was frantically pointing and raised a brow, "Well this won't do at all." The entity said with some distaste, having to reign in his temper briefly as he noticed the situation. The chaos spirit promptly teleported over, now dressed in a snazzy suit and monocle, and opened one side of the cage like a door, giving a slightly showy bow to Fluttershy. "Would you care for some tea, my dearest friend?" He asked with a friendly grin, gesturing towards a table laid out nearby.. upside down. the tablecloth situated on the stem under the flipped table somehow supporting the whole table's worth of tea supplies without any noticeable form of support. (Think like a table flipped over, with one of those single center with prongs support systems.. and then a tablecloth over that middle bit, but flat and spread out like it would be on a table.)
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord glanced at Onache briefly, but decided to let it go. As long as she didn't actually hurt Fluttershy (mentally or physically), he saw no reason to interfere.. yet. As it is, the chaos spirit went back to juggling some poky sea urchins, each ending up with a new color or pattern as they left his paws/claws.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Discord looked around shiftily and discreetly shoved the ball of yarn he'd conjured moments before into a random fold of the space-time continuum before nonchalantly walking away from it and whistling innocently. Elsewhere, in another part of space-time, a pony was battling a giant turducken.. that was on fire. Suddenly, a giant ball of yarn fell from a fold of the space-time continuum and bounced away, prompting the flaming turducken to chase it while barking like a dog. The pony stared after the odd creature, sat down and contemplated their life up to that very moment... Before promptly face-hoofing and walking away. "Yeah, nope. I'm done with this bunch of horseapples." The pony could be heard saying as they walked away, discarding their sword and other mystical gear. "I'm going to go do something normal.. like apple farming." As the armor fell away, it revealed a blank orange coat of fur... Which eventually shimmered and changed to reflect the pony's true calling: ripe apples on a healthy tree. Back in this universe: "And that's how the Apple Family Legacy truly began." Discord said with a grin, likely confusing any but those privy to the fourth wall and that which lay beyond.
  20. @Blitz Boom HAPPY BIRTHIVERSERYDAY!!!! (Edit: Note to site- Needed emoticons: Streamers, cake, confetti, confetti shooters (preferably cannon form), candles, party hats, bombs, holiday bombs, holiday cannons, party cannons, forks, various desserts, and more party favors.)
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Lucid_Nightlight @Dji @BloodDrops @Seamore Sandwich @Moonlit @EQ_Theta Discord grinned as he took the digestive tablet, "Why thank yo-" *BOOM* The tablet spontaniously combusted, creating a (relatively) small explosion that interrupted the chaos spirit, who immediately began screaming his head off (almost literally) as a fountain of red liquid sprayed violently forth from the ensuing smoke cloud around his arm. "AAHH~!" The immortal was screaming, as if in pain, before he began laughing. "I just love strawberry-cherry-Naliquada juice!" Discord exclaimed happily as the smoke cleared, revealing him to be holding a silver pitcher which was shooting a fountain of the fruity fluids everywhere. "It's quite refreshing." He added, turning the pitcher to allow a large amount of the crimson concoction to fly into his mouth before swallowing and tossing the pitcher away, still spewing its delicious drink in such a way that it was almost propelled like a rocket in a random direction.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Lucid_Nightlight @Dji @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @EQ_Theta Discord raised an eyebrow as he juggled balloons at a pace that should've been physically impossible (Seriously, those are balloons. Filled with oxygen. They don't move like that! ...Teach me.). "I never liked sand." He commented whimsically, "Though I do enjoy a bit of sugar sand." With a snap of his tail, any and all sand that may have covered the traveling group turned to sugar.. Hope they weren't wet anywhere, or they may find themselves rather sticky. "Shush you, finding out these things is half the fun." Discord shushed the conductor of his destiny occasionally annoying human behind the screen, holding a bucket of water in his tail as he observed the group. The balloons he was juggling turned into unstable seagulls made from fizzy soda and mentos before they began flying towards the adventuring party. (PARTY!? ) (Hey, you're not in this scene Pinkie! go, go, shoo for now. There's plenty of parties elsewhere.) (Fine~, spoilsport. ) Discord, meanwhile, pulled out a lit explosive and ate it. "Mm, Anyone else want some?" The spirit of Chaos offered an unlit explosive to Onache with an almost malicious grin. Seconds later there was the sound of a muted explosion and Discord puffed up for a moment, smoke escaping his ears and nostrils. "Excuse me, there was a bit of kick to that one." The possibly insane god excused himself with a polite smile, exercising proper manners as he gently dabbed at his muzzle with a slice of cheese. He then proceeded to eat the cheese and the other explosive, flashing a much friendlier grin at Onache.
  23. @BloodDrops Aww, but the zombie I'm seeing is so adorable!
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Lucid_Nightlight @Dji @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @EQ_Theta Discord rose up from the sand to curl around Onache, almost as if he had always been waiting there. "Well now, what's life without some fun and games? I have confidence that the group can handle what's thrown at them." He chuckled, before frowning slightly as he moved almost eyeball to eyeball with her and continuing in a darker tone. "And I'm sure I wouldn't have to worry about Fluttershy getting hurt. After all, I would hate to have to get... Unpleasant." The Chaos spirit's eyes glowed a solid red briefly, his voice resounding with the infinite power of Chaos, many voices blending in with his own; some speaking, some screaming, others echoing or chanting. Minds of lesser fortitude hearing such a thing could be dragged to the brink of madness or beyond. Suddenly Discord was back to his normal playful demeanor as he uncurled from around Onache to lazily recline in the air, "But I'm sure no-one is thoughtless enough to bring it to that!"