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  3. Thank you SOOOOOO much! I'm glad to hear it, because I worried that the outfit wasn't well-made enough and that I wasn't pretty or thin enough to cosplay in the first place. There were SO many good-looking, HOT chicks there. I felt out of place. And I know I didn't look that good. Went to a convention full of pony-loving men and didn't come out of it with even a phone number. It was kind of sad.
  4. We did it in pieces over a few months, because coordinating our schedules was hard, we both work and I was in school last semester. I know the skirt was made in a few hours, as were the boot tops. Painting the boots took probably about two weeks if you eliminate the days I was at work and not crafting. I was very, VERY picky about it and needed it to be complete and even. Plus, the bottom part and heels had to be hand-painted. This required me to use a pallet and carefully spray the paint onto it and paint in increments because floral crafting paint dries very quickly. All together, it probably wasn't a long time. A few weeks to a month maybe if you add it all up. We just ended up spreading it out due to life and because I had to keep saving up money for various pieces. I mean, the wig was $40.
  5. Thank you, Darling! You should! It was a lot of fun for me and...You get to be fabulous!
  6. Thank you, Darling! It's actually not my first time cosplaying, but it was my first time making my outfit. Well, kind of. My friend made the skirt and boot tops, I put the applique on the skirt, painted my boots and belt, bought the shirt, did the hairclip and wig styling. I also dug up more photos on the interwebz. The people liked me! (Credit for both: http://gamerspax.deviantart.com/) (I believe this was one the BronyCon Facebook. I'm also aware this isn't the best shot in the world, but, ugh. My body.) (https://derpibooru.org/1198832?scope=scpebefc9781fc2bc5d4be0f024f71908de14e2621dc) I'm still waiting for people to post about the fashion show! I had a lot of fun doing that and liked to think I worked it well. Being Rarity was amazing. I was fabulous. I knew I was fabulous and other people did too!
  7. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't go. But yes, yes you did. And you probably would have been one of the first to find me. XD Thanks for the compliment, Darling! I think it was great for a first attempt at making it (with help.) But I did worry and thought that maybe I wasn't tall/skinny/hot enough to even be a cosplayer. Because there were some HOT girls there who looked ten times better than I will ever.
  8. Thank you, Darling! My friend and I put it together! She made the skirt and boot tops and I painted the boots, belt and did the hair clip and bought the shirt. I actually didn't see any other EQG Rarity cosplayers, but I was told there were a few floating around. I don't have pictures from it, but I did the fashion show too and it was lovely! Except for the part where I couldn't see. I LOVED being Rarity. I'm terribly shy in real life and feel awful about myself alot, but being Rarity for three days has helped. I was fabulous! I KNEW I was fabulous! And plenty of other people did too!
  9. SO...BRONY CON WAS GREAT! A lot of people LOVED me! Best comment? "You're SO CUTE! I LOVE your outfit! CAN I ADOPT YOU?!" (Photo Credit: rj_para on Instagram) LINECON! At the Gala! I found a Sweetie Belle! (Though I didn't get her name.) And...I met Tabitha! She was SOOOO sweet and said I was "Adorable!" This is the only good picture though. I only had my mobile and people DO NOT know how to iPhone 4. I got two prints signed, but I don't have a photo of them yet. And then there's this casual shot. Yes. Those are my glasses. I need them to see and had to take them off for every photo. Can't afford contacts yet. Some people really liked them though and actually wanted me to keep them on!!
  10. It's official. My fanfic sucks.

  11. I've had a thing for Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto since I was twelve and Crystal has only made it grow. God, this woman... Aside from being sexy as hell, I've always loved her layered personality and how, because of her role, she has to appear stoic and cold, but she's such a sweetheart. She loves Chibi-Usa dearly and takes great care of her, oh...And Diana too! Speaking of Sailor Moon Crystal, they really stepped it up in series three. And I thought Michiru slayed in the 90s anime... Lastly, there's Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight from Heartcatch PreCure! She's just SO freakin' gorgeous.
  12. I'mma play with my ponies for awhile. That usually makes me feel better when I'm down.

  13. ...Because the fandom could give two craps about it. I am currently in the middle of working on a long-arc Fruits Basket story that takes place post canon and revolves around Akito. I am determined to see this project through, as, I have had a bad habit of starting and never finishing fics in the past. So, I will be completing it, especially since I have a full timeline worked out for this one. But, the fandom will never get to know the ending. I don't know if anyone else had ever had this problem, but I can't get ANY feedback. And it makes me upset that I can only get twelve reviews for fourteen chapters but stories that are badly written, with horrible Mary-Sue OCs and reused, bad plots get like, twenty for two chapters. Now, I don't condemn these people. I can't. I was thirteen once and wrote bad stories, so I get it. But it's so frustrating to pour all this time, work and research into something that no one cares about. I guess what I dislike more is that this fandom seems to only like a certain select variety of fic. I can't speak for all fandoms on this, however, since I'm not in many, so I don't know if it's exclusive to this one, though I doubt it is. The Furuba fandom seems to only care about your story if: *You have a badly written self-insert Sue who only exists so you can have sex with your favourite guy (usually Kyo or Yuki). Sue always, always either replaces Tohru or is related to her in some way and for some stupid reason ends up in Shigure's house. *Your OC is a random member of the Zodiac who has no business being in the story, because you can't bend rules like that. Not in Furuba. And bonus points if they have an awful, tragic back-story and were abused by Akito. Readers eat that up. These characters are often self-insert sues as well and rely on one of the main guys to "help" them through it and then they bang. *You refuse to admit Akito is in fact, a woman, and write about how Male Akito just needs your Sue to break through to him and save this hot, damaged guy... *You write a happy, happy story about Kyo, Tohru and their kids. Screw everyone else in the story who made it work. It's all about KyoRu Babyees! Y'all get the idea. I'm tried of working and writing and staying up late only to get no recognition at all for a story I put SO much into. I feel like no one gives a crap about it and I hate feeling like this. Hell, I've even cried over it. So, I'm done. I give up. I'm going to finish it...For my friends only. The only problem with that is that they refuse to read any sort of sexual content, so I can't get feedback on the smuttier stuff, which I desperately need. Has any one else ever had this problem? What did you do? Is there anything I can do about it? Or am I just better off with this decision? It's not the first time I've given up on a fic because of lack of feedback, and I doubt it will be the last. ***Note: A TON of people on Reddit and one here has already tried to give me advice and convince me otherwise. No, it didn't work. No, I'm not going to listen because it's all stuff I've heard before. Point is, the Furuba fandom sucks, I don't belong in it and I'm out. I just needed to get this off my chest. Thank you all for listening. Oh! And if any of you are ​Fruits Basket​ fans who are also sick of reading rubbish fics and want to read a GOOD story for once, I am more than willing to link my own. Provided you actually have something to say.