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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Job keeps cutting hours down, drive me nuts, I'm down to 16-18 hours per week I have bills to pay come on, but it does give me time to read, and play games.

    1. PiratePony


      Maybe it's time to take on a second job or jump ship

    2. The_Gobo


      Generally speaking, soon as hours get cut below 40/week is when people start looking for other work or leaving.

      Where I currently am, a lot of welders are already angry because no one's been getting raises,

      now they're on alternating schedules to get OT.

      Getting more angry that they aren't getting 40+

      I hope you can find a place where you get minimum 40 a week though T3T


  4. So I been a bit caught up with work, I'll be posting later today
  5. Alamo was scavenging through what remained of his cart, "I spent days building these things!", Alamo said yelling in disappointment. "None of this is saveable, my stand sign is missing, and my cart I had that for ages!" Alamo took his last look at the cart then focused on town around him. "Does any pony know what happened, is anyone hurt?" Alamo looked at the main crater in the center of town and saw another pony standing on the edge looking into the crater.
  6. Gonna be sooo happy when I get my days off from work, specifically because spring is almost near and the labor is already getting to the point where I am almost weaken to the point of barely opening the car door once my shift is over.

    1. The_Gobo


      Sorry to hear about the state of exhaustion D:
      I hope you get some good rest when you can


  7. @Snow Frostflame @MiragetheChangeling @Scare Effect Alamo was sitting in the lobby of the inn playing one of his board-games against the innkeeper. The innkeeper had greeted him with a smile and had told him that he was excited to see him, apparently Alamo's board-game was a hit with travelers who stayed for more than a few days. Alamo was happy to hear this although it was quite the work making all the pieces to the game, the innkeeper had been training and wanted to test his skills against the game's creator. "I see, so that how you were attempting to take my master ship well you should pay more attention, you put your escorts in the worst way!" The innkeeper was getting good at the game he had taken two of Alamo's escort pieces, but Alamo was the game's maker so he knew it well, he moved his last escort piece jumping over all three of the innkeeper's escort pieces and trapped the master ship with his second move. "A fair game friend!" Alamo laughed as he reached out to shake hoof with the innkeeper, suddenly heard a loud bang and rushed out the door to see bright objects falling outside. "My Cart!" Alamo shouted, rushing to try and keep anything inside it from being hit.
  8. I'll post shortly just gotten off from work
  9. So I was watching old favorite videos and re-saw the JonTron reaction to Project Spark, and I wanted to know what happened to it since I never seen it on the store, found out the game had been shut down since '16 I was actually kinda shocked, because they tried really hard to sell it at the time.

  10. Watched some Anime in for the first time in almost 7-8 months, still can call out the troupes but I can also still get a laugh outta the situations.

    1. The_Gobo


      Been feeling the need to get back into watching some myself,

      just keep getting distracted by being here, on discord, and on minecraft ^^;


  11. At a very early age, I often read more heavy knowledge history books compared to the other kids around me, and would often talk to teachers more than I talked to students. I even became an unofficial old person in High School as I often had long conversation with the old history and geography teacher. On my Letterman jacket, under my name is the name my geography teacher gave me "Old Man" cause I reminded her of her husband, she called me that everyday until I left.
  12. Water, I've drank sweet-tea most of my life and have been sweet-tea free for almost 2 months.