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  1. Strange topic, but it presents the same problem of not knowing exactly what you first thought of at that exact moment. Then again, it never said exact, so, eh.
  2. How late can I stay up to? More like how late can't I stay up to. I takes me around 2 hours to fall to sleep, and even then I don't really feel tired. I've forgoten what feeling tired feels like
  3. I don't have a real OC Yet, so my up'n one would basically have Snakes moveset from Brawl.
  4. I'm just gonna bump this because I can't respond until there's at least two people attacking. I thought this would be a more popular game.
  5. That's funny. I want a video editing software like that. What did you use?
  6. My favorite pony. The only OC I have at the moment is insane, so yeah.
  7. I also just started Death Note. IT's so good and so bad at the same time ;_;
  8. Someone just post in DTG:MLP Edition already ;_;

  9. It's more fun that just saying "I win" over and over.
  10. Was what, a spam thread? I don't get what you're saying. And I win.
  11. Well, given that this is technically a spam thread, I thought it would be funny. I guess not.
  12. Don't worry, you will soon.... bwahaha... Thanks to the all new Spargle Enterprises Brainwashing machine! It will make you do whatever we want! Buy now, while supplies last!
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