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  1. BRB shower's calling mah name. ^.^ I'll return smelling like fruit. tehe :P

  2. New OC posted in my blog. :P he's purple lol

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    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Haha you know it :D

    3. CloudKicker


      nice color choice i like it and also school go to they have pride in it

    4. Cerulean Wings
  3. Name: Zephyr Bluegrass Nicknames: Zeph, Blue, Phyr Gender: Male Age: Stallion 38 Species: Alicorn Hometown: Manehattan Current Residence: Neighagra Falls Occupation: Electrician for the turbines @ Neighagra Falls Mane color/Style/Length: Bluish-grey/Straight/Short Coat Description: Light Purple Body Type: Average height and bulky Eye Shape/Color: Almond/Dark Olive Green Accessories: Lightning bolt necklace that harnesses his powers Allegiance: Princess Celestia Cutie Mark: Storm Cloud Aura: White Special Talent: Electricity manipulation Compa
  4. Im back lol miss me/ I know you did..

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    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Thank you friends ^.^

    3. V1NYL_DA5H


      How did you know?! *hugs* HeY!

    4. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Hello darlin :D *hugs Vinyl*

  5. Happy Birthday, Vinyl-Dash! I hope you enjoy my DeviantArt gift ^.^

    1. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      I wont be here for your real birthday so I wanted to make sure your gift was done and ready for you.

    2. CloudKicker


      happy birthday Vinyl-Dash!

  6. Zephyr's TC is up lol I had fun with him

  7. Updated DeviantArt Link from this profile..

  8. New Blog Post..

    1. CloudKicker


      that' fine with me Cerulean Wings i can wait good luck with your fanfic and hugs

    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Thanks hun! *Hugs* ^.^

  9. Sup bronies? As I have said before my deviant art is dedicated to my OC ponies and pony art in general. Lol I have been having a blast adding new artists and pieces and uploading some pixelated aart myself. I also have a bit of traditional art (more of that will come later) Ive been busy with my Pony Hearts. I know there are a million and one deviant art pages dedicsated to these cute little pony pic but I couldnt resist and I can guarantee that no one has the ponies that I have ^.^ Ive started a Trading Card collection. The first 3 are submitted and ready for download ^.^ I plan on do
  10. Is anyone else having issue with MLPF? Deviantart didnt do this so I think its the site Itself...

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    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Lol Professor ^.^

    3. SuperBrony87


      Well nothing unusual except everytime I click anywhere windows and pages for Web site hosting and bot check pages keep appearing and the ad box too. I think that's supposed to do that though?

    4. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Well yeah but i dont think they are supposed to be pop up ads. Unless you have a pop up blocker thats off.

  11. *Big sigh* Wow Ive been busy. Ok since I sort of briefly touched on what Ive been doing in my status, I figured I'd do a quick blog and get everyone caught up. First of all I want to thank my PR for approaching me and giving me an opportunity to use my skills for an actual purpose lol. I am looking forward to working along side the creators of Trixy Sparkle. I loved the fan made video. I'm thoroughly excited. Second thing Ive been doing iswrapping up the fourth chapter of my story. For those who dont have access to it heres the link http://www.fimfiction.net/story/245772/diamonds-are-
  12. She is an alicorn because her Father is an alicorn. My OCs do not magically transform into alicorns from Pegasi or Unicorns. They are born into it.
  13. O.o Ive been a busy pony...

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    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      I heard a lot of schools are doing that free comp thing. Im not a student yet but Im sure if I go for what I want, they will provide me with a tablet or laptop. LOL @ Professor ^.^

    3. CloudKicker


      school i went was saint peters college in Auckland new zealand this was back in 2008-2010

    4. The Professor...8D
  14. I officially became a "Pegasister" (I guess would be the appropriate term since I am female) in January of 2015. I've been a fan of the show since it came out 4 years ago.. I watched the first Ep on Netflix and I loved it. It was colorful, funny, and sweet. (The moral overtones sold me for my feature children) I thought to myself. I want to design a pony to be a part of that world. I watched more Episodes. I fell in love even more with the art and that was it. The next thing I did was research the rest of the show. I was curious as to the characters and if there was anymore to the ML
  15. Meh. I still think Luna should have taken this one. Rarity is already very well known for her attractiveness and grace.. Its time to recognize a new beauty. Luna is the winner for me. I don't care what anypony says otherwise. Long live **★The Princess of The Night!!★** TBH I'm kind of tired of seeing so much rarity everywhere... I should have known she would win by viewing all the Rarity Avies ponies use to represent themselves. Oh well... Won't change my opinion.
  16. I love the the feeling of warm sunshine but to me nothing beats a clear, comfortable night with a full moon. I think its just gorgeous to see. Sometimes when its cloudy it kinda looks like brains to me .I always thought it neat the way the moons plays with the clouds. Not to mention the stars and all their colors and patterns. I've seen plenty of comets and falling stars. Its always amazing to witness. I enjoy the quiet of night. The fact everyone is asleep but me and my fellow night lovers. Lol its so peaceful...
  17. You certainly have another follower out of me, my dear. I live to promote my fellow Deviants too lol your work is worth showcasing.
  18. Cerulean Wings

    Hi Guys!

    Not vain sweety. Lol I did say I wanted to see
  19. Cerulean Wings

    Hello ya all! /) :D

    Sure. No problem Ask me anything you'd like.
  20. Cerulean Wings

    a new guy

    **★Welcome (officially) to the Herd! Lol ★I hope you find some real good friends here. I've found these ponies to be amazing. I'm an artist too so I hope we can chat sometime :3 ★ Feel free to message me anytime you like. ★**
  21. **★Welcome back to the Herd, Rythmic!★I hope we can become good friends. I've found these ponies to be amazing. ★ I'm interested to see how you role play if you still do :3 ★ Feel free to message me anytime you like. ★**
  22. **★Welcome to the Herd, Briar!★I hope you make plenty of real good friends here. I've found these ponies to be amazing. :3 ★ Feel free to message me anytime you like. ★**
  23. **★Welcome to the Herd, Nes! I've found these ponies to be amazing. I'm sure you will find the like minded friends you seek :3 ★ Feel free to message me anytime you like. ★**
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