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  1. poi8ujyhtgcjhvygbfh5yrtfbuh5yf6457y56rtujnuytjghbtygfu 756rtuy3g56trujnuij.po'i;lihghftjrlym;icpoerpyp5e;iry vlgrjmg.frdkg ,54ioerylgjvmrodflhkgnrtjkfdhg brt8e09ryopug4j8reviow
  2. Want to start a fairly awkward RP? If so, message me.
  3. a bit of salt just a pinch... (how are you not getting the reference?)
  4. then you have take something sweet not sour...
  5. All you have to do is take a cup of flower...
  6. Yeah, I'm only at the beginning of Tennant, and I'm already am hooked. The BBC does that to you. Anyways, who is your waifu/husbando?
  7. I'll tell you all them. Twilight, why do you own everysingle fan fiction known to man? Rainbow Dash, are you a lesbian? Pinkie Pie, do you slaughter ponies for fun, or is it a serious business? Rarity, would you kill ponies for their coats? Fluttershy, ever hear about KFC? Applejack, want an orange?
  8. Hi, I'm Derpy Hooves, and I'm a very lucky pony because I get to travel around with the doctor. He's kinda weird, and he's not from Equestria, or this planet for that matter, but still, I really really like him.
  9. Ok then. So, do you prefer David Tennant or Matt Smith?
  10. Well, I'm not, but I do know him IRL.
  11. Do I dare myself to look up Rumble and Button Mash on Derpibooru with the filter as "Everything"?

  12. Let me guess... think Derpy is best pony, right?