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  1. EnderPrince

    OOC Equestria Forward (OOC)

    The reboot itself is a good idea, although I feel that the RP should be left off on a high note, relatively speaking. A cliffhanger, large plot point, anything of the sort, but the reboot should pick up after some "suspense." (I use that term loosely.)
  2. EnderPrince

    OOC Equestria Forward (OOC)

    Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while. This RP was getting kind of slow, so I kinda stopped checking up on it. School starting, however, gave me an excuse to check my email, which led me to see that you guys are still here! Yay! And I'm also glad to see I'm still on the list, so I'll try and fit a post in today or tomorrow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And, done! I hope that's good enough for someone who hasn't posted in about 4 months. I hope someone can follow up on that in a sufficient manner. I'd really like to see how this goes!
  3. EnderPrince

    Open Equestria Forward (Open)

    8:59 A.M. Canterlot Time, Friday, Canterlot Castle Courtyard Dakon put down the newspaper he had purchased a few days ago and looked out the window of his car. Well, technically, the car belonged to the government official Icicle Hoof, but since he wouldn't be requiring it anytime soon, Dakon felt it was alright if he used it for the time being. "Sir, it's almost time." Dakon glanced down at his watch screen, where he saw the image of another pony looking at him. He immediately recognized the voice as one of his squad leaders. Adam. "Almost time for the meeting, Adam," spoke Dakon to his watch screen. "I want to watch for a little while. See them deliberate over their pointless politics for at least a couple of minutes." He paused. "Being fasionably late never harmed anypony." "Yes sir. Your people are ready to move when you are." The screen of Dakon's watch then flickered, and started to display the time once more. 9:01 A.M. 9:01. I hear that pompous royal pain-in-the-flank is giving a speech first. Dakon flicked his watch and selected one of the names that appeared on the screen. The face of Adam soon appeared on the glowing display and spoke, "Yes, sir?" Where are those sunglasses I found earlier? "It'll take a few minutes to reach the meeting. I think now is as good a time as any to put this plan into action," Dakon responded to his subordinate's question. "Yes, sir. I'll mobilize the others. We'll be with you at the enterance." The display then flicked back to the time. Ah, here they are. Dakon placed a pair of sunglasses he had found in the glove compartment on his face, and activated his disguise. As he wordlessly exited the car in a flash of unnatural light, he was now, to any unenhanced eye, the government official Icicle Hoof. As he stood up outside of the vehicle, he took a glance at his watch. 9:02 A.M. He closed the car door, and trotted to the enterence of the castle.
  4. EnderPrince

    OOC Equestria Forward (OOC)

    Hey guys. Sorry about not being on. I meant to post yesterday, but Team Fortress 2 happened. I'm gonna post now, and if not now, then sometime around 3:00 EST. I'm on spring break now, though, so I will have a little time to post. EDIT: Sorry that it's kind of short, but it's all I could write for now. On Friday (in the RP), I'll make a really big one. Don't worry.
  5. EnderPrince

    Open Equestria Forward (Open)

    11:00 PM (Canterlot Time) Wednsday, Crown Council Building "Good day, Mr. Hoof. How may I help you today?" Ah, the wonders of technology. And the ignorance of the populace. Dakon thought as he walked up to the pony on "receptionist duty" for the council building. "Yes, hello, I'm fine, I was wondering, where are those attending the meeting on Friday personally supposed to sojourn?" Dakon asked in his best imitation of the government official Icicle Hoof's voice. "Well, Mr. Hoof, you should already have your own place of residence here in Canterlot." He does? I'll have to fix that. "I sold that old place. It should be in your records. Unless our system isn't as efficient as we make it out to be." Dakon replied, letting some arrogance leak into his voice. "Oh, um, well..." the pony at the desk stuttered. "We don't really have any place designated for ponies visiting Canterlot for the meeting, but, I think you could find a hotel that you could stay in for the time being." "I trust it will be funded by the council?" "Oh, um, I'm not very sure about that, Mr. Hoof..." "Fine, then. Not from the council. Out of your own pocket. I'll send you the bill." With that, Dakon turned and walked out. Find a place to stay, check. Although, I'm going to have to get rid of that residence that that pony mentioned. Should be easy. Now I just have to wait.
  6. EnderPrince

    OOC Zombie Apocalypse OOC

    Alright, you're out. See you around the forums, I guess.
  7. Ponyville Residential Area "I have a better idea. How about a place where we can actually hide?" I'm not gonna get left behind here. "I've seen that place before. Trees, a barn, but not much else. Not the best place to hide, I don't think. We need to get high. Like an observatory or tall building or something like that. I mean, I noticed how these things move. They can walk, but other than the tiny ones, they can't climb very well."
  8. EnderPrince

    OOC Zombie Apocalypse OOC

    I'm not gonna convince you to stay, but I'm not gonna convince you to leave either. Do whatever you feel like doing, and I'll respect your decision. If you wanna stay, then stay. If you really wanna leave, I'll strike through your name and either kill your character off myself or let you do it. Either way, can you change that post you made in the actual RP thread from you saying you want to stop to an actual post? I don't like the non-RP related post just sitting there in the middle of the story.
  9. Ponyville Residential Area "I agree with that completly." Who is this guy? I don't think we should trust him. "Uh, hey, listen, maybe we should get out of here. Find a building that isn't completly destroyed and stay in it awhile? I'm not exactly comfortable being exposed like this."
  10. Ponyville Residential Area "Oh, uh, hi you two. My name's Frank, and it's all this 'panicking' that's kept me alive so far. And since it's the end of the world with ponies coming back to life and giants exploding from trees, I thought I was entitled to screaming my head off while running around like my mane's on fire!" Frank replied. "Look, I have no idea what's going on here, and by the looks of it, you don't either. My plan was to go to Canterlot and see what's happening there, but now that that... thing is dead and I've met you, maybe we can go togetherrrraaaaAAAAAAH! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!"
  11. EnderPrince

    OOC Zombie Apocalypse OOC

    Sorry about the absence, all of my posts will be kind of sporadic from now on. Ok, I'll add you to the list. I'd recommend reading through the rules and backstory and stuff before you post, though. With whom? I need a specific character name and link to their database entry.
  12. Ponyville Frank barely heard the voice of the unicorn. He was still in shock after that giant... thing exploded from a tree. Just how he barely noticed when the pegasus took it down. After looking around and making sure he was "safe," he faced the unicorn and now-returning pegasus and said, "Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm fine, just a giant one of those came charging at me with virtually no warning, I mean, it just exploded from a tree, I didn't know they could do that, but yeah, I'm fine, just a litte shaken up is all, and by a little I mean a lot, and by a lot I mean I'm freaking out, because whenever I freak out, I talk in really long and drawn out sentences really really fast, and then things just get really awkward after I stop talking because when I stop talking, everything gets really quiet, and I can never hear what anyone says after I finish one of these big sentences because I'm really out of breath and still freaking out so I pass out because I WAS NOT MADE TO HANDLE STRESS LIKE THIS." And with that, Frank hit the ground.
  13. EnderPrince

    OOC Zombie Apocalypse OOC

    And to answer both of your questions thoroughly, I'm not very good at GMing things. Well, I can be, but that's more dedication than I'm willing to put in at the moment. So, I've devised a temporary solution: At the top of each of your posts from here on out, in black-colored italics, write where your character is, then go down two lines, and start typing your story or whatever in you self-designated colored text. I'll put this in the first post, at least until I can put more time into this.
  14. EnderPrince

    OOC Zombie Apocalypse OOC

    Sorry about the late post, and this might be the last one for a while. For the next week at least, I'm thinking. I'm confident, however, that you guys'll keep this going.
  15. "No. No. No. No. No. No. No!" Frank repeated to himself as he flew away from Ponyville. "Last time I talk to a furry animal. It's just going to get me killed!" However, before he could leave the vicinity of Ponyville, Frank heard... something. He wasn't sure what, but it definatly was something. Before he could stop himself, Frank had landed in a patch of trees, keeping him concealed, but allowing him to see anything in front of him. What he saw through the thin foliage were two ponies, one a snow-blue unicorn, the other a white pegasus, and they seemed to be arguing. About what Frank was too far away to hear. I wonder if they're arguing about those... things coming towards them! Frank felt that he should warn them, alert them somehow, but admitted to himself that he was too much of a coward to do so. Well, they're gonna die. At least, that's what he thought until the blue unicorn froze the advancing creatures and blew them apart. Wow, that was amazing! I wish I could do that! Frank thought. But won't the noise just attract more of th- Frank's thoughts were interrupted by a loud crashing from behind him, followed by a deafening roar. -em! Crap! It's one of those big ones! As it began to charge, Frank decided that his best chances of surviving would be to group with those two arguing ponies. So, Frank ran to the twosome in the most dignified way he could under the circumstances, which was running as fast as he could while screaming at the top of his lungs, with the large monstrosity following close behind. "Ehagahingagang! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!"