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  1. I know I left the forums, but can we have a moment of silence for CSGO's death yesterday?

  2. No u admins You're singing icejjfish, how many times do i have to tell you Voted cutie mark song, i want 6 admins to participate and have them all sing with their least fav Mane 6 pon3
  3. Seriously though, you have to believe.
  4. Question! A character is visibly bleeding after taking a fall, but he/she does not die. Is this teen-rated?
  5. "You're not allowed to wish for more wishes" Does this mean i can wish for more genies? Fine, i'll play by the rules. I wish I was in Cloud Nine.
  6. Jeric, i'm voting for you. I don't care if we can't, you're getting the hammer. Otherwise, i'm voting nervous stitch for the sole reason so you don't get left out. Also, what if, hypothetically, we never reach $1,500?
  7. official petition make lightwing sing that ^
  8. it's not christmas yet or thanksgiving or black friday and some people don't even celebrate christmas

    1. Jeric


      True, but I suspect that all people here don't want kids to be ill and suffering.

    2. Jeric


      It is a banner promoting a Children's Hospital Charity we run annually.

  9. I"m thinking about having all my peripherals by one company. Logitech, Razer, Corsair. Which one?

  10. isis seriously needs to grow a pair, especially when ANONYMOUS declared war on them.

  11. I hate history.

    1. TheRockARooster


      That's history making announcement there.

  12. if there's ever an MLP-Themed business The TPP's going to shut it down unless the molotovs don't do it first