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  1. It also depends on the context a bit, I think. I mean, if you have battlelestia, you'd like her to be a bit strong - but only if there are enemies just as strong, or even stronger. Of course, in a normal setting would OP-lestia a bit... meh.
  2. I liked this episode. I think I missed a few things, though - like, that Chaos symbol. I haven't seen it. Yet. Anywhoodles... Fourth wall? What's a fourth wall? Gosh, I almost got a heart-attack when Pinkie shook the camera. And Senor Balls made me laugh out loud! I give this 4 Discords out of a non-existent fourth wall.
  3. Ah... Oh dear... Is it may already?

  4. Woops! Sorry for the inactivity guys. Been kinda busy lately!

    1. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      It's alright, welcome back ;). *Hugs*



      Welcome back! =D

    3. Civviq Writer

      Civviq Writer

      Thank you! *hugs back*


  5. Good morning y'all! Didya survive April Fools?

    1. Kyoshi


      Yes, mainly because I saw every single April Fools coming from 3.6 miles away. Some were still quite funny. :P

    2. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      Good morning, yes I survived that horrible day D:

    3. Civviq Writer

      Civviq Writer

      Good to hear ^^)

  6. Heya! ^^) Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll like it here!
  7. Mainly on my PC now, but also on the PS3. I have a DsI, too, but I rarely play on that.
  8. @@Megachangeling12, Ah, it's okay! Everybody makes mistakes.
  9. Hello Fabled! ^^) I hope you'll like it here!
  10. 'Murica, Norway, Italy, England, and, of course, my own country the Netherlands!
  11. Heya! ^^) I hope you'll like it here!
  12. Heya mcSpock! ^^) Welcome to the forums! I hope you'll have lots of fun here /) Especially in the roleplay section!
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