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  1. It also depends on the context a bit, I think. I mean, if you have battlelestia, you'd like her to be a bit strong - but only if there are enemies just as strong, or even stronger. Of course, in a normal setting would OP-lestia a bit... meh.
  2. I liked this episode. I think I missed a few things, though - like, that Chaos symbol. I haven't seen it. Yet. Anywhoodles... Fourth wall? What's a fourth wall? Gosh, I almost got a heart-attack when Pinkie shook the camera. And Senor Balls made me laugh out loud! I give this 4 Discords out of a non-existent fourth wall.
  3. Ah... Oh dear... Is it may already?

  4. Woops! Sorry for the inactivity guys. Been kinda busy lately!

    1. Alastor


      It's alright, welcome back ;). *Hugs*



      Welcome back! =D

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      Civviq Writer

      Thank you! *hugs back*


  5. Good morning y'all! Didya survive April Fools?

    1. Kyoshi


      Yes, mainly because I saw every single April Fools coming from 3.6 miles away. Some were still quite funny. :P

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      Good morning, yes I survived that horrible day D:

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      Civviq Writer

      Good to hear ^^)

  6. Heya! ^^) Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll like it here!
  7. Mainly on my PC now, but also on the PS3. I have a DsI, too, but I rarely play on that.
  8. @@Megachangeling12, Ah, it's okay! Everybody makes mistakes.
  9. Hello Fabled! ^^) I hope you'll like it here!
  10. 'Murica, Norway, Italy, England, and, of course, my own country the Netherlands!
  11. Heya! ^^) I hope you'll like it here!
  12. Heya mcSpock! ^^) Welcome to the forums! I hope you'll have lots of fun here /) Especially in the roleplay section!
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