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  1. Speechless too started looking the icons through, not really sure if he should press them or not, he didn't see anything that indicated that there was traps in the room they were in, but then again, point of traps was that you don't know they are there. Few familiar icons he saw were the sword that activated the living statue and the square that didn't do anything, but he didn't see either of the two icons that usually opened a new door.
  2. Speechless shook his head as he wrote "No, you shouldn't risk yourself anymore, if flying becomes necessary, I'm fully capable of doing that, It's just wounds." "And I think the room with the icons would be the best choice to start with." He didn't want Maple to come with him but he knew he couldn't stop her, and he couldn't be sure if she would be any more safe outside the room anyway, since he had no idea what could happen.
  3. Speechless took the notebook and thanked with a nod. Seeing Maple in that state made Speechless feel little sad, and it was visible from outside that he felt bad about it, after all, he was still blaming himself from it, it was he who had given Maple the idea to explore the passages in the first place, and it was he who caused them to be lost. After taking the notebook from Maple, Speechless wrote what he knew.... "There's total of seven doors, three of them being out of reach." "First door on the left closes itself when you go near, second leads to room that is covered in ice without obvious cause." "Third is room filled with different icons, most of them new, and lastly fourth, it's full of plants and greenery, mostly unknown species, may be poisonous, I don't know."
  4. Private

    MH didn't take compliments well, so he also 'blushed' a little and tried to hide it by eating a little bit before replying with a purr, "I love you too.". It felt weird to say it so directly, usually he would have just said something like feeling is mutual, but he felt it was the right thing in the situation.
  5. Good Afternoon fellow creatures.

    I have noticed that I have started resting my hand similar to this:
    Aja6Rsk.jpg =/

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      Good afternoon Cerberus, well it's cute when twilight does it 

  6. Private

    MH didn't know what to say to Hunter's comment so he just chuckled too and playfully patted Serenity's back. He did know what he could have said to Serenity, but decided not to say it because he didn't want make her any more uncomfortable.
  7. Speechless was slightly confused, but he wasn't sure if it was because the plants were there, or because he didn't recognize most of them. He jumped a little when he heard the *tink* but smiled when he saw it was just Maple, and nodded that everything was ok. He then subconsciously moved his hoof to take his notebook out so he could explain what he knew, but he then remembered that he had left it with Maple, and thus he pointed at his empty bag, and then Maple with asking expression.
  8. I'll leave the choice for you and the others but I would be aright with us 4. (also, I now have updated the character sheet)
  9. I'm fine with the plot line for the name i have no comment. Also, I will edit my character's post a little because I will add the weapons he uses to it. And lastly, how many players are you thinking you want? because what I have noticed is that big RPs have habit of dying out until DM is making sure nobody gets left behind or there's posting order that is followed.
  10. Going to bed, Goodnight. 

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      If the strings were stretchy, would that be a cat-apult?

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      Good night Cerberus 

  11. After not seeing anything on the floor, Speechless stepped in the third room, looking around him with amazement and slight annoyance, searching for familiar icons. After looking through most of the icons, Speechless started thinking his next action, should he start pressing icons that looked safe, or should he check the last room first, or, should he return to Maple. He then made his decision, he would go and check the last door to see if there's anything, and after that come back to this room and start pressing icons. He then proceeded like he planned.
  12. Speechless looked at the first door when it opened again, he thought about it for a second and figured it was a trap, a one way doorway. When he arrived to the second door, he looked inside the frozen room if there was anything interesting, but choose to not go in yet, he rather looked if the two last doors had something before taking the risk of getting trapped into ice-room, maybe he could find a torch, fire could be helpful in room full of ice. He moved back and went for the third door.
  13. So, here's the character.
  14. "Yes they actually would, it's not that losing fish necessary is the problem, they just don't like thieves, and I can't really blame them." Slumberfur pointed out "Well then go and hunt something." Slumberfur meowed stretching, mention of food got him feeling hungry.
  15. Aright, I post information on my character in some point, would it be okay if he was wearing armor similar to this Ponified and with color scheme/details fitting for AJ's ranger?