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  1. Going to bed, Goodnight.

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night Cerberus 

  2. Mega Thread

    Banned because you disturbed my secret ritual to summon myself :3
  3. Well, at least your surname isn't combination of "Moose" and "Terrible"
  4. Getting fat? I'm already fat
  5. Poor thing, only one 'nen' away from having God worthy name (if you know what I mean) (yes, I know it's a surname but whatever)
  6. Then there is my second and third name. Janne, I would say it's 6/10 and Matias (Finnish version of Mathias) it's kinda boring name, 2/10 Edit, I'm not going to say my surname but it's obvious 0 because it's one letter away from Finnish word for 'Terrible'
  7. English version of my name, Michael is maybe 5/10. My actual name...Mikael, is in my opinion 0-2/10, but urban dictionary may disagree
  8. [Insert happy cat noises] :3
  9. [Insert panicked cat noises] :3
  10. Ow, my super sensitive nose >:( :3 *boops you back lightly with a claw* >:3
  11. Speechless looked curious when Maple mentioned Duskbreakers, but didn't directly ask about because his brain was working well enough to figure out that, they most likely had something to do with the hunter. In fact, he had noticed the icon on the cape and guessed there to be some kind of organization of hunters, but her mention of guards disbanding them....he knew there had been unit for hunting vampires, but he though it was long time ago, before he, or his parents had been born. Speechless pushed that thought out of his head too, he didn't want to think about it, it was bad enough to have one hunter after them. Speechless yawned quietly, he was on edge of falling asleep, but he wanted to make Maple feel better, since she seemed worried or just not happy, and not really knowing or being able to do anything else, he gently pressed his healthy front hoof against Maple, giving a loving smile, and holding it until falling asleep. He slept peacefully, at first, but it wasn't long until he started twitching and looking generally miserable, he was having a nightmare.
  12. Slumberfur sighed, "Sorry, that cat got under my skin." he started padding away, "Let's go back to our territory before someone notices our absence." he then meowed sounding thoughtful "But for something positive, this confirms my suspicions."
  13. Afternoon fellow creatures.

    *Sigh* I was petting our older cat and something hit me. She's at least 14 years old, if not 15, that means that end of her time in realm of living is inevitably closing in, and that makes me sad. Considering that I'm only 19 and that she was just a kitten when we found her, she has been there most of my life, so it will be painful when it finally happens.

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    2. Johnny1226


      Good afternoon Cerberus 

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      May your pet live as long as possible! ;)

    4. The_Gobo


      Pusheen Sparkle o3o


  14. aAD7eEp_460s.jpg xD

    Going to bed, Goodnight.

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    2. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus


      That cat looks terrified for it's life. xD



      You n' your mouse mountain again :V

      What you mean by 'again'?


    3. SolarFlare13


      OMG!!! :confused: The rats are claiming what's rightfully theirs :o

    4. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      @SolarFlare13 or the cat just doesn't do its job, rats reproduce quickly :P