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  1. This shooting in NZ is fucking terrible. Numerous dead and more wounded. As of late there has been a call to not use the names and pics of mass murderers in order to keep them from the fame they desire. In keeping with this, social media sites completely scrub all traces of the individuals from the public eye. I disagree with this idea and propose what I think would be a more effective deterrent.

    Imagine for a moment if we had access to these profiles for just a few days before deleting them. Everyone would be scouring them. Some from morbid curiosity, and some for a good purpose. Digging up dirt.  

    Instead of going through hoops in a vein attempt at keeping these shits from fame, we should be making them more famous than they could have imagined. For the wrong reason. They want to be remembered for causing fear. I think they should be remembered for cross dressing and paying a 40 year old man to step on them. Instead of trying to ignore them, we should be ridiculing them laughing at what pathetic creatures they are. The last thing they want is to be remembered as is a laughing stock, like Randy Stair, the Maddox of spree killers.

    Stop scrubbing the internet of killers profiles. Use info from them to find other accounts on other sites. Find all humiliating pictures. Find all embarrassing takes that make them look retarded. Find all humiliating fetishes. 

    And carve it on their fucking urn. 

    1. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      I honestly don't think the shooter wants fame, he wants the media to play into his hands, to do exactly what he said in his manifesto. If people actually looked at the manifesto, it is written in there plain as day, that this murderer wanted to make it where more people (In the US mind you) were censored, and felt that they had no other recourse other than to go out and commit mass murder. He said why he did it, and the media is playing right into his hands. I think that gives the shooter ever greater satisfaction.

      The shooter says he's a Semi RIght, Semi Left, eco-fascist, who admires Communist China. Yet, even the Prime Minister blames the far-right, President Trump is mentioned because the shooter admired his "white identity", even though he hates the President's policies. Yet the President is blamed. Hell even the NRA had shots taken at it.

      I agree with you, we need to be talking about this guy, dissecting the manifesto, taking a step back, and not playing into his hands. We need to get back to having civil discussions about opposing ideas, and not resorting to censorship, deplatforming, and rioting, Otherwise we're going over a precipice that there will be no going back from, and we'll wake up in a world that Orwell warned us about.