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  1. ...............................................

    1. Kyoshi


      Wow, it has been a while. :o Welcome back! :D

    2. Kenshiro


      It has been really a while. Long time no see :)

    3. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      Hey man. Glad to see you again. :)

  2. Hey guys! Long time no see! I missed you all! <3

    1. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      Hey there Mario. Long time no see! :D


      I hope that all is well for you. :)

    2. ShadowSJG
    3. Kenshiro


      Hello there

  3. Those who are currently interested in "The 209 Team", I highly suggest checking this out :|https://www.patreon.com/posts/5545913

  4. Good morning, everypony! I have some news for "The 209 Team" I'll be sharing sometime this week. I also be participating in the Doors 2 collab! ^_^

  5. SFM progress is great! Can't wait to have it finished! ^.^

  6. Oh my god, I love the new banner! :D (oh hai guys! c:)

  7. I lol'd way too hard at 4:20 xD

    1. Yamato


      There's a bird dude, it know's what's good...

    2. Jonny Music
  8. ....................
  9. Well, guys It looks like I'll be taking down my website pretty soon. Having Twitter, Patreon, and DeviantArt, It seems like there's no point in having one. I'ma miss it :c

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    2. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      What I would then suggest is to make a straw.poll or polls on a future update YouTube video and such asking the viewers to vote whether they want to site to keep going or to take it down (after you explain your reasons why you want the site taken down of course).


      Something along those lines before making the final decision. Because if there were some that do like the site and then all of a sudden it's gone, they would question in a heart-beat where did it go and why isn't i...

    3. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      ...it up anymore if they are not fortunate enough to be informed ahead of time.

    4. DeadRightNowBoi


      I'll be keeping that in mind. Thanks, bro! I'll be sure to do so.

  10. I got some updates on Episode 2! Check it out here! :Dhttps://www.patreon.com/posts/5472030

    1. ShadowSJG


      Keep up the hard work.

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