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  1. How would he react with the Rainbooms and others?
  2. How do you guys think Discord would act like in the human EQG world?
  3. I see your point, but promotional material says that the film took place during the summer and I asked ishi ruddell on twitter if it took place during Summer break and he responded with a perhaps, so I think it does somewhere. It's probably not so much a school trip than a summer vacation trip, and the Principal Sisters are just their chaperons. And this tweet from Ishi Rudell: Snips and Snails were in it though who are Freshman and as well, it is stated that LOE takes place in the summer.
  4. Did anyone read the book? I noticed in the book, sugarcoat says it’s only been three weeks since the Friendship Games while in the actual special, she says a few months? Which is correct?
  5. What is the novel like?
  6. Me too but the fact that they say it is a trip confuses me a bit
  7. Well it does say it takes place during summer, which is normally time for a break, so it is likely as well, don't you think? Maybe a trip for summer break? As well, the director, ishi ruddel, I think said perhaps on twitter.
  8. I hope this does not seem like a dumb question but I was wondering, does it? I mean, promotional materials say it takes place during summer but it is also called a class trip or something, so I was wondering, does it take place during the summer break?
  9. I was wondering, has anyone done this? If so, what is it like? I wanted to at everfree nw this year, but didn't have enough cash. Anyone has experiences to share?
  10. Has anyone seen them in polish and care to explain what happens?
  11. spoiler

    Not really a revision, just alternate synopses
  12. Does anyone else feel season 7 is kind of boring?
  13. Again, anyone know if we will see these specials out before August 8th?
  14. So, are they being released on netflix earlier than august 8th
  15. Why? I assume during the new school year as we can see them visiting the campus and LOE was stated to take place during the summer in the new book synopsis but that's my guess so far.