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  1. When should we see the beach episode? The minis come out in spring so they or maybe earlier?
  2. I'm really confused by the placements of these. Legend of Everfree took place in summer, but in Dance Magic, the ShadowBolts mentioned a Spring Break and now they mention final exams. When do these take place?
  3. I'm kind of confused with the timeline for this. Legend of everfree was said to take place in summer but the description mentioned spring break? What is the timeline for this?
  4. So is a beach episode confirmed or we'll have to wait and see?
  5. So, is a beach animated short confirmed then or we can only speculate?
  6. I've seen him listed as a guest on conventions along with the other VA's and I have to ask, why is this guy treated like one of the cast? As far as I know, he doesn't voice a character.
  7. I was wondering, it's shows the promo for the 2 new russian music videos right?
  8. You mean fall of the new school year? I mean, well Crystal Prep still has classes, so I imagine it's fall at start of girls senior year and ShadowBolts are planning ahead for the spring dance? Does that make sense? They still have classes though, so would you say it takes place in Fall perhaps?
  9. I was wondering, when do the specials take place? LOE was said to take place during the summer but the ShadowBolts mentioned a springball/dance, so I am kinda confused by the placement? I imagine they take place during fall.
  10. Anyone have any ideas on how he'd mess up their band practice.
  11. I meant if normal Discord travelled to the EQG world, with his powers still.
  12. How would he react with the Rainbooms and others?
  13. How do you guys think Discord would act like in the human EQG world?