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  1. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    Thank you to all of you that asked questions tonite, i had an amazing time talking with all of you and i hope my answers will helpful to some of you, and to those of you getting pieces in the charity auctions thank you so much for helping out such a great cause, the Brony fandom is one of the most giving fandoms i've seen and it touches my heart thank you again to MLP forums and poniverse for having me as part of this it was alot of fun and all of you feel free to find me on Twitter or FB or DA and chat anytime im always happy to chat and make jokes thank you all again and have a wonderful holiday and new year <3
  2. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    yeah i know campbell is the one artist whose influence is seen the strongest in my work, specially how i draw women but then again i love women anyway lol. There is alot more freedom from what i can tell on the comics with what we can do and the ideas we can explore, sometimes it seems we get to expand on characters the show might say we did what we needed to do. like the current storyline running thru FIM that Jeremy Whitly is writing that is focusing on Sombra and giving us more development with that character, its a nice thing to be able to do that where your not forced to have to stay soo strict to show rules and be able to make the world of mlp bigger whereas it may not be strictly canon it does create alot more content and hopefully entertaining stories for the fans specially when the show goes on hiatus we stil have the two mlp titles to read and get or pony fix. I have honestly had nothing but good expierences at cons so far, each one i learn something new about how to do my table or i get to meet more amazing fans and the chance to get to know the others who work on the comics or show is always amazing, i got to know Maryke alot more recently at Ciderfest which was amazing she is fantastic and Peter New and i have gotten to hang out and joke around alot more since BABScon which has been a blast Peter and i seem to share that same off kilter sense of humor i honestly feel very blessed everyday to get to do what i do and be around soo many amazing people such as urself wether its thru cons or on social media. the mlp fandom is honestly one of the best fandoms ive seen in a long time. I was a fashion designer as a full time career for many years now i dont really do it just cause ive put the focus on working in comics now, i did go to school to learn all the aspects of fashion design, so creating patterns,sewing all the aspects of working in that field, but in the end i just focused on the design part where i just drew up the ideas that would be created into the actual clothes u could buy in stores, I think now that ive been doing more work in comics that fashion is actually alot easier when i look back at stuff, with comics my job is to tell a story panel to panel that if you were to take the words out of the book you could tell what that story is that can be much more challenging and sometimes stressful then just drawing a static image of a prom dress or a pair of jeans, not that fashion would not be just as stressful when you trying to focus on a new spring line or winter line and your looking at how do you bring out a new trend when in the end all we do is take something from a past generation and repurpose it, fashion is very circler whatever has been done before will come back around, just look at juniors fashion right now so much is based on 90s fashions, my closest now looks almost identical to my 15yr old selfs closet with skater skirts, plaid tops and combat boots
  3. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    Right what Timm and Dina did in the early 90s is always amazing i think you see some of that bounday pushing with gags in tiny toons and animaniacs too there were alot of more adult level humor that u know went way over most of the audience for those but u watch them now and your like omg they put that in an episode!. I think the normal answer is we love to see Bruce with Selina cause that seems like the one woman that would be his match but to be honest i love what the JL animated series did and put the romantic tension between Bats and WW cause honestly i would have love to seen that really explored specially in the comics, though they went with the Supes and WW angle which i understand in some aspects cause they match power level wise but to me Bruce could more satisfy Diana on a mental level as well if that makes sense You are not a bother happy to answer all your questions. as far as difficult so far not really, i will say that i don't draw Twilight as well as i do the other characters and that is cause i think cause she is my least favorite of the mane 6 that actually shines thru in how shes drawn compared to the others, its something i started to notice the more i was doing mlp art that i would look at a finished piece and if Twily was with the others she always looked like i rushed thru her it something i tried to not do when i recently did the new mane 6 prints for conventions hopefully twily was shown a bit more love then i was doing in the comics and earlier prints Sadly probally not as animation is all very much a digital medium now and that is just not something i have been able to grasp character designer i could see possibly trying to do some day, though honestly i would love to work on the EQG doll line and design fashions for that cause lets all be honest bronies!....i have no clue what they are thinking over there with some of the stuff they put those dolls in???!!!!!!! I personally loved the variant i did for FIM #30 being power ponies was a mixing of my loves Superheroes and Ponies and i might be doing something powerponies/eqg related in 2016. overall comic wise i love love love Green Lantern and Geoff Johns run on that character was and still is the strongest and best stuff in that side of the DCU
  4. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    I have alot of different artists that have influenced my work and i've learned alot from, the biggest of those names is J.Scott Campbell he is like my god and so much of how i draw my women and even techniques ive learned like using white jelly pens in my at have come from what he does, nowadays he is a cover artist for alot of marvel comics series but he started in the early 90s on a title called Gen13 which had one of my favorite characters ever Freefall who was soo 90s cute chick that i so want to cosplay someday . outside of Campbell, artists like Arthur Adams, Jim Lee, Todd Nauck have been artist ive admired and studied and of course Chuck Jones who worked on some of the best looney tunes shorts has been a huge huge influence infact there is a very wile e coyote gag in friends forever #16 i do have 2 things i'm currently working on that will be coming out in 2016 1 mlp related and one that is something very much outside of that but im excited for and have been working on that just this week so far when my laptop was allowing me to access my dropbox that is other then those i have some ideas i'm submittin to some publishers that i hope might get picked up i think im obligated to say Sapphity lol Sappho and Rarity but really ive always enjoyed Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. or some of u know them better as Robin/Nightwing and Batgirl. hands down though Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy best couple and so glad DC made that an official thing well as much as they did Wizard World? it can be hard to know from a screen name but i'm sure if you shared ur name n stuff i would remember ive gotten much better and doing that cause all of you that come to my tables really mean alot to me, i would not be where i am without all of you. i am always happy to state Rarity is best pony and i have to say s5 gave us the best set of episodes ever with that lil Rarity Trilogy we got honestly no ive been getting told that a few times now and i honestly am not even that much of an anime or manga viewer/reader at that point i had really only seen rosario+vampire but i can easily see that being something that came thru in the issue cause i was watching that as i worked on it, but oddly enough anime/manga is not really a style ive studied or done i think that is one of the interesting things about art is that subconsciously we do things we dont even notice but the reader will pick up on
  5. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    I did see the episode and i was like well they just undid everything Jeremy wrote about lol but really no i don't think we are informed too much about what the show is doing unless perhaps we r doing something storywise that might be something the show wants to do, being as new as i am though i just may not be in that loop yet like say katie or andy being the big names who have been there from the beginning. I will say i was actually happy that DT and SS were the characters i got to start off with as well cause they were not characters i really paid much attention to from the show, so it was nice to get to delve into characters that even for me were sorta new so it gave me alot more freedom i think in some cases to do things then say if i had to focus solely on Rarity or Pinkie Pie which by the way is the friends forever i want to do the most is those two together cause u never see it and i think would make for the best issue ever!!! and i want to draw the hell out of that story someday. Always deadline pressure, cause the books are all approved by hasbro sometimes that can take awhile so say you have 2wks left in a deadline but it takes the higher ups a week to approve something you can be left with just a week with no extension so in the case of that which i did face cause at the time of my issue the weekly event fiendship is magic was in high gear being approved i gave up sleeping and just worked as hard as i could as the new kid to make my deadline to make sure i was proving myself dependable to the editor of the books.
  6. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    Lesbian Pride!!!! wooohooo lol i may watch too many cartoons if that is possible, i love everything looney tunes related and have finally gotten around to seeing the Looney Tunes show and omg the Lola in that is hilarious and voiced by SNL vet Kristen Wiig and she cracks me up, Lola Bunny was a very early crush of mine and made crushing on a cute rabbit much easier then when bugs was in drag and it confused my lesbian brain lol. outside of looney tunes i love all the DCUA stuff from the series like young justice and jlu to all the animated films they do, i love family guy and bobs burgers i tend to like some of that more adult stuff cause my sense of humor can tend to be on the more R rated side of things...#notagoodrolemodelkids i watch alot of 80s toons too still, transformers, she-ra, superfriends i watch this mlp cartoon too that seems to be all the rage these days too who knew lol I can compare myself too much to rarity at times, specially the somewhat overdramatic and high maintence side of her at times, i may actually pack the same way for cons as she did for going camping though i rarely actually have a sweetie belle with me lol. i have been told though like rarity i can be very generous which i hope in all honesty is true i really do wish to always be there for others and help as much as i can when i can . favorite movie....probally Who Framed Roger Rabbit...cause Jessica *swoon*
  7. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    Favorite so far in the series has been and forgive me for not remembering the issue #s but the thru the mirror storyline where you saw an alternate earth take on the characters where sombra was good and celestia was evil, i love multiverse type stories like that probaly why i love dc comics as much as infinite earths have always been a huge part of that universe of characters. least favorite i dont honestly thing i have a least fav as each one has something about them i enjoy be it one of the other artists i admire like Tony or Agnes who are two my of my favs on the books and also just really great people to know in real life. I would love to team up with the others that work on the show or even the comics and see what kind of crazy stuff we could come up with, i think peter new and i honestly have a good time when we hang out at cons, and could make a pretty awesome comedy duo if we ever leave mlp and try new things..he has a bigger background in sketch comedy n stuff but that is another of my dream jobs is to one day try stand up comedy I dont know if i follow that much fan-art i guess more so cause you dont want to get to influenced by what others do in the fandom cause there is so much amazing art out there that all of you create, so many of you deserve to be seen more cause the work is amazing. i dont really see much of the fan music and all that, i find the more you professional work on something the less you actually delve into the fan side cause u end up bein so busy working on the property so i fear the day i do a dc book and i no longe have the time to read as much as i do now lol
  8. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    I do have a bit of a surprise to show you all and you will all be the first to see this as it wont be posted on twitter or fanpage for sometime as is pretty apparent i'm sure you can all tell i'm a huge DC fangirl and i'm working on the first new 11x17 print for 2016 and i think its going to be pretty awesome, as it combines the DC trinity with some pretty "looney" characters so i hope you all enjoy this sneek peek
  9. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    I cant sing at all but i can lip sync really well lol Food: SAMMICHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tips best thing i can always say is be patient no one is great over nite and it is easy to get discouraged when your not getting to see on paper what is in your head, also don't give up if you have a dream im proof if you work hard and strive you can make it I actually can not stand disney or pixar as they are today i prefer old school disney when it was all traditionally done. also i have a rivarly with mickey mouse since the age of 5 and i will have my day of reckoning with him oh yes i will bumm bummm bummmmmmmm for me best pony is easily Rarity cause we share alot of things in common...cept a tail yeah i dont have a tail........ i love idw's locke and key as far as non superhero titles that is a phenomenal title and i say everyone should read it I have run into that problem alot more then i like to admit specially if a project is more marvel comics related but i do my best to just focus as much as i can on what it is and realize end of the day it is my job and i have to do it more then anything else, though at times that can affect the work, you can actually see when i draw twilight sparkle she is not drawn as well as the others cause she is not my favorite pony so that can come thru when your not doing something you 100% are behind. for the mane 6 for the most part ive got those colors down for what i like to use for them that i think is close, otherwise i do tend to wing it (yes such a pro lol) partly cause i do have a touch of color blindness with some colors so i always just hope for the best thankfully we at idw have Heather Breckel to make us all look good. I've been following superheroes since before i could read, my dad has collected comics since the golden age for you youngings thats the 1930s to roughly 1950s. he read everything to me as bedtme stories so they have been part of who i am since i can remember. I love the idea of derpy as batmare it cracks me up sorta why i draw pinkie as supermare the idea of characters that are clumsy or insane as characters that are very stoic serious and sane is to me entertaining. Thank you i really appreciate that, i am working on a couple things currently but i can't yet announce those, the publishers will do that when it is ready to be put in previews or however that higher up stuff works i just draw whats they tell me and try not to miss deadlines lol i am very excited for the projects though 1 is not mlp related which is fun to stretch the creative muscles on something new and outside what i normally do, the other is something mlp related and is i hope adorable i know i loved sketching it all out.
  10. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    Rarity is easily best pony!!!! and thank you for having me and it was the least i could do to help such a great cause. Green Lantern hands down best comic book character as far as comic series there are some pretty out there titles by the writer Grant Morrison that are pretty trippy but i highly recommend such as his title The Invisibles, his run on Doom Patrol is another crazy weird take on some old dc characters, if you like just strange ideas that can really make u go what in the world??? Morrison is the guy to read. professionally ive only been doing this less then a year now, but i have been coming up with comic characters since i can remember i still have my own superhero universe i created in high school that i have yet to really do anything with..maybe someday It is something i'm still not use to cause i dont really get it i guess i dont see myself as anyone to fan over so when someone gets super excited im at a con i really just hold back tears of joy that i could reach someone like that or i question there mental stability cause yeah i'm an odd lil black duck lol I honestly can be the same way when i'm working on something, it can be a huge issue so i totally understand it, best thing i do usually is let the flaw go, it makes the art more real and shows a hand was part of that piece, flaws can be just as beautiful as perfection if that makes sense so try to remember that its something even i struggle with. even today while i was working on some pages of a new book i cant yet announce Rarity hands down i could draw forever and never get bored the few times i got to draw her in Friends Forever #16 were my favorite panels and as personality im a tad too much like Rarity unless uve seen me have 5 energy drinks in an hour then its pretty much a pinkie pie party and i will break the 4th wall. Happy to always donate my art to great causes that i hope can help some people in need. I am a purely traditional artist still mainly cause i can't comprehend digital to save my life. i prefer as far as my artboards which is what we draw comics on strathmore bristol art boards which actually have Katie Cook (mane writer of the fim title.ehh ehh see what id id there) artwork on the front. my other tools is i use a non-photo blue pencils to ruff out panels and the characters, from there i tight pencil over the blue lines with a regular 6h lead pencil, then i ink with the pigma micron pens of various thickness depending on what kind of lines i'm trying to create. i also love to use a white jelly roll pen to create all the highlights in hair/manes or the eye shines in a characters eye. Pinkie Pie beats Orko anytime cause Pinkie Pie is cuter. i come from an artistic family, my father was an architect and my mother has done interior design, so art was just always part of my life, i think looney tunes and fashion were two of the early catalyst for me wanting to draw more then anything. Art gave me a voice more then anything and at times let me be more myself then i would maybe show to the world, i was one of those "popular" girls growing up and sometimes my geeky love of superheroes or transformers was something i would hide so i could keep that ridiculous facade of being popular is important up, but alone with my art i could draw whatever i wanted and loved and in a way could be really who i am, something that thankfully i realized after high school that its better and more fun to just be u then try to be the idea others want you to be
  11. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    It really depends on what the subject of the print is going to be, something like Derpy from ruff sketch to finished piece maybe 2hrs, where as something like the "villains" cant take 4 to 6 due to how many characters and then just the sketching to make the right composition of the piece Well thank you for saying im one of the "best" there r alot of amazingly talented people professional and in the fandom that do some great art so i dunno if im one of the best but thank you. Being an artist was just always who i was ive been drawing since i came out of the womb...granted the doctors were a tad perplexed where i got the sketchpad from.. ponies just kind of happened i had been trying to do the typical superhero thing in comics, batman, superman what have you but at the time i was just not strong enough with those character to really make it, mlp when i discovered and it and started drawing it i realized i had a pretty good handle on the characters so when IDW announced the book i saw it as my last chance to pursue be honest had idw limited never come to me i probally would have just returned full time to fashion. I never had any expectations really, i just wanted to draw comics to fulfill a dream i had. I just love to draw and create what i hope will be fun exciting things that may make 1 person happy in the end that to me is the goal that i can even make 1 person smile cause of what i draw. Im super happy to be doing this Q&A thanks for putting up with me this evening. favorite superhero always and forever Hal Jordan Green Lantern of sector 2814 that is actually a different answer if i had my say and could draw any superhero it would have to be Wonder Woman that really is cause i enjoy and am far more confident with the female form then drawing the men still #lesbianproblems lol happy to answer ur questions. i guess the best thing i can say is be patient with yourself as ur starting to draw the characters it can be easy to look at artist that are more expeirences and get frustrated but don't give up, dont be afraid to look at references from the show just dont outright steal but look at it as a style guide to help you as you learn the way they move and walk and what not, and make sure to be yourself and put your own stamp on the characters whereas its nice to be show accurate at times you dont want to be a slave to that and not have your own voice as it were to the artwork you create. I stumbled onto ponies, i wasnt made aware of it till it was in its 2nd season and initially i did not care for the show but i was use to what i grew up with which was gen 1, but when went back and rewatched it and saw rarity i was hooked and just started to doodle them one day out of curiousity and it led me to trying with IDW after they announced the title Big fan of Dr Who, my doctor will always be the 10th David Tennant Sappho's cutie mark is a modified take on the lesbian symbol, as someone who is openly and very proud to be and out lesbian woman, i gave sappho that cutie mark not so much as to say her talent is lesbianism though i guess that could be a talent rawr lol but more as a way to show young lgbt to not be afraid to be who they are and be proud. so the symbol being sapphos mark is just about being proud and strong in who you are no matter what really
  12. JennBlake2814

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    To answer that 1st question, Fashion was always one of the things i had the most passion for growing up, i was obsessed with clothes and shoes at a very young age and when i realized i could actually draw stuff i remember always drawing characters like bugs or wonder woman or whatever i was into at the time but always designing different outfits then what you would be use to seeing. The fact that i could create something unique that was all from my head was a really cool idea and so while comics was a dream i thought specially as a teen and the ways the comics industry was at the time that i probally would make it in fashion over comics As far as everythin ive done comics wise it isnt the largest resume, so far just ff #16 and the variant cover for issue #30 but i would have to say that my variant has to be my favorite thing because it combined my two loves ponies and superheroes . lastly, i pretty much just got to a point creatively in fashion where i felt i had done what i could at the time i didnt feel any really fresh ideas and had thought im getting older and i have always always wanted to see if i could even draw one professional comic, it has been a long 10 yr journey to get to that point though im partial to the narwhal lol
  13. Ciderfest was amazing i had a great time would totally return to the con next year
  14. So excited to spend some time with you all tomorrow gonna show off a new print im workin on that u'll all see the pencils for before everyone else. Look forward to all your awesome questions too. Bat Rarity is best bat family character