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  1. The teasing in Newbie Dash was never meant to embarrass her on purpose, if you're discussing character motivations. The writers definitely did it on purpose in both cases, though.
  2. Did the ponies around her have to do anything in particular? It's already gotten pretty egregious. If they had done something more than just go, "wow," what else would it have required? Stop moving the goal post on me.
  3. Aside from it explicitly being about humiliating her, yeah, you're exactly right. It constitutes less of the episode's bulk, yes, but more for time constraint reasons than because the story doesn't linger on moments of her being embarrassed. And granted it's more Schadenfreude and less Fremdschämen, but that's just because Rainbow Dash's awareness of the humiliation and her reactions make it easier to find funny. Ultimately, though, I don't know if I can convince you if you don't think the fireworks were "out of its way."
  4. A Pinkie Pie episode where she's not shrill and unbearable? Unthinkable! Who does May Chan think she is, writing a Pinkie Pie that has actual depth? Amy Keating Rogers? I mean, Pinkie actually has an enormous range of emotions in this episode. Bemused. Grumpy. Relieved. Vexed... Even when she's incorrigible, she's whimsical and relentless. And even though the laws of nature are but putty in her hands, her thought process remains grounded in reality. I'm serious, it's been so long since Pinkie was written this way, I had forgotten it was possible. Put Chan on more scripts, please, especial
  5. Something something Rainbow Dash Torture Porn. I mean, at least it's torture porn that goes towards developing Rainbow Dash's past. I mean, the relationship between Rainbow Dash and her parents, as presented, and in context, is really, really messed up, but it's a backstory, which is something we don't have much of for Dash. And it's good that this event clears the air that had apparently been so clouded between Dash and her parents. Rainbow learns the context behind her parents' actions, and they learn just how much of a gulf their exuberance has quietly created between themselves and thei
  6. I'm really digging this episode, so to speak. I'll be honest; in Maud's first appearance, I found her rather tiresome. She was impassive, not just to a fault, but to a point where literally nothing about her was effectively conveyed. I've always drawn comparison, myself, between Maud and Daria Morgendorfer. The thing about Daria is, she's not really impassive, she just reacts in muted, unexpected ways. When an event occurs, there are small changes in her expression, but the active, emotive responses of everyone else make it feel like nothing is really happening to Daria. Maud is explicitly
  7. I still hear "O Fortuna" every time Flurry Heart appears onscreen. Needless to say, this episode was much more ominous to me. I want to say that bringing such a young foal to a room with all those infectious foals is potentially disastrous. But then again, if she dies, then I'm actually okay with that.
  8. ph00tbag

    Rarity Fan Club

    "Applejackilicious" is all I got out of that.
  9. I have a friend with similar views on the Changelings, and looking forward to this episode, he and I both had a lot of discussions about this very topic. I can definitely understand the reasoning behind why this episode would make Changeling fans upset. There's a notion that the Changeling outlook could be reconciled with ponies without the aesthetic needing to be changed, because it's not inconceivable that a Changeling could participate in a mutualistic relationship, where they are loved for their contributions to society, and everyone wins. In a way, this isn't really so far from that. But
  10. Well, this was pretty much my favorite season finale thus far. I feel like there were very few, if any, execution flubs along the way. Starlight's development was really great to see. In a season where the write staff has struggled to consistently express her struggle with her past and its integration into her new self, It's heartening to see them ending on a high note. The growth is demonstrated thematically at first, then explicitly through her dialogue with others. And it's the fact that theming is employed so consistently throughout the plot that makes this episode so delicious. I also l
  11. Not my top episode, but certainly a great episode, nonetheless. Vapor Trail is absolutely adorable on every level, and definitely way out of Sky Stinger's league. I love watching Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle interact. I feel like those two are closer to each other than they are to the rest of the Mane 6, even with Fluttershy being Rainbow's foalhood friend. They just seem to be much more genuine and at ease with each other, as though there's no expectations to be met anymore. They're always themselves. There's a sense they really care about all of their friends, but they seem to have a mo
  12. Oh, that's a good point. Chrysalis is a hell of a schemer, though.
  13. It's not like was actively looking for Changelings at the time. These are creatures that can look like anything. A well-organized enough coup wouldn't take more than an hour--magical ability needn't even come into it. The biggest difficulty would be in moving all of them to the badlands without being caught.
  14. So let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. It's not so much a problem that Starlight used a spell to make ponies do what she wants. Refer to my post in the teaser thread to read my thoughts on the ethical implications of mind control in the world of MLP. That's a question of using a spell that's neither good nor bad in a way that's bad. On the surface, that's a moral quandary that is presented and resolved as a learning opportunity for Starlight, and it's done in a way that's honest and real. Starlight tries to solve a problem using her strengths, and in so doing causes more proble
  15. So what Starlight is doing here fundamentally violates an assumed "right to mind" that we have in the world of humans, where the ability to directly control the workings of the mind is but a flicker on the horizon of technological progress. To us, this is a deeply wrong thing Starlight is doing. But this isn't the first time this has happened. Lesson Zero had Twilight mind controlling the whole town. Hearts and Hooves Day had the CMC forcing two ponies to fall in love. In both cases, there weren't many far-reaching ramifications. In fact, when Cadance makes two ponies stop fighting and express
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