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  1. I guess... It'll take a miracle to save the thing... Or maybe It's already dead and buried... I heard Revelations 2 was released on 3DS eventually, wasn't it? I think It's a pretty sucky thing to do, It's kinda sad that the Vita is so poor in sales Sony won't bother to program for it. I still like the 3DS better, but the Vita had potential.
  2. A few? I know a good amount of people who played the original game on Vita, It's not like this is a small audience. A lot of angry people together can make a difference. Remember when the Xbox One was gonna be an always online console? The backlash Microsoft got from fans caused them to change it.
  3. You say that like companies are just robotic corporate suits who don't put any passion into the work they do, which I can't really agree with. Making video games is about more than making money, It's about making art, and getting a group of people together to talk about and support that art. Besides, if we're gonna assume money is all they care about, it makes more sense to release a game on more than one consoles, because logically, you'll get more sales of a multiplatform game than a game that's exclusive to one console.
  4. Just because Sony's given up on the Vita, that doesn't make it right to alienate half your fanbase.
  5. It's not the fact that It's on PS4 itself that's a problem, It's the fact that they didn't have a Vita version when they easily could port it over no problem, at the cost of a slight graphics downgrade. I don't think the Vita's dead, It's just not being used to It's full potential. A Gravity Rush sequel makes sense to have, it would make more people want a Vita. The PS4 is already a success, do we really need any more exclusives to it, when the Vita hasn't got much noteworthy on it and tanked in sales. the Vita needs more games on it, it has such a small line-up it makes the Wii U line-up look
  6. So recently I played Gravity Rush on the PS Vita. It's an amazing game with a colourful cast of characters, interesting and innovative game mechanics, and I think It's a hidden gem on the PS Vita. Or it would be if it didn't get a PS4 port later on, this is when things started to go wrong. It's fine that It's on PS4, no harm done, let's the home console players get a chance to replay the game on a more advanced system with improved graphics, It's not like it makes the handheld version terrible. But back to the point, I had to wonder, is Sony ever going to properly revisit this game with a prop
  7. To be honest, I think keeping fans on the edge for a while was a good move, because until the reveal there was tons of discussion and news reports trying to imagine what Nintendo's next console will be, it was an exciting thing to think about, and still is. It's basically word of mouth, which is free marketing before the console was even revealed. Actually, Sony and Microsoft ARE bringing out new consoles, It's just they're sticking with upgrading old consoles until It's ready. Have we forgotten about the Xbox Scorpio? Upgrading your old console is something you'll wanna do before releasin
  8. What do you mean by that? Since the console comes out before the next generation of all the competition, I think Nintendo has a lot of time.
  9. It'll take time for them to reveal them though, I have a feeling they'll wait until more information about the console is out there for consumers next year. So what happened with the Windows 10 Store? Because that's kind of disappointing if so, I kind of like the idea of buying a game once and being able to play it on multiple platforms. As someone who's been waiting for Xbox to do something similar to Sony's cross-play system, that sounded kinda neat.
  10. Well, maybe I've been a little harsh. It's not that the core idea and structure of Uplay and Origin is bad, It's just Steam does it so much better they look bad. I'm also kind of sick of the companies shoving Uplay and Origin systems into all of their games, even on consoles. It's optional, but you can still tell they desperately want people to know about it, it all seems like a popularity contest.
  11. Well, to be honest, we've come to expect that kind of shoddy work from EA nowadays anyway. It's not like I'll never buy another one of their games again, I really loved Titanfall, but I think it's safe to say that they care more about the money in their pockets rather than the actual consumer, as any company plagued with greed do. It's not surprising they had a hand in starting one of the most greedy and blunt ideas in gaming, and while I'm not sure of the details, whether EA actually developed the game or if they just published it, I'm willing to bet either way that they did a hack of a job o
  12. I don't think PC's are pro-consumerism though, for gaming at least. It can cost you several thousands of dollars just to get a competent gaming rig, I tried to find one myself, and since I put performance before price, I want the best PC I can get because that's what you need to be sure it can run everything you throw at it well. I believe the damn thing was £8000, not many people have that kind of money lying around. That, and Steam has all the standard Season Pass and content ripped from the game to sell as DLC malarchy, pre-order culture etc. It's unlikely there will be back compat, the
  13. Oh boy, we have a PC master race supporter here... I thought the 3RD party support would be better this time too, but it seems Nintendo haven't said anything about if Skyrim will actually be on the console yet. But I remain optimistic.
  14. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Movies/TV 'Adult' Cartoons

    The ones I enjoy include Family Guy, American Dad, Archer, South Park, Rick And Morty, Bojack Horseman. They're all really enjoyable shows that each have their own unique thing to it. One thing I also wanna mention, one awesome advantage to adult cartoons is they tend to have quite a better longevity compared to normal cartoons, most of these shows either already have a lot of Seasons or still have new seasons coming soon, or both. I really wish normal cartoons were treated with this kind of respect to spend so much time still running.
  15. Yeah, and I still wanna know what happened in "Daring Do and the Griffon's Goblet" Sounds like a solid line up. That sounds pretty good, I don't see a Transformers crossover happening but thinking about a fight like that is hilarious. Except the ones who can't speak... Oh I think Newbie Dash and Rainbow Falls already clearly showed us what the Wonderbolts are REALLY like.
  16. It seems a little harsh to judge somepony's character if they can't even speak yet, but hey. We don't know if the comics are canon.
  17. Well, if you ever get a chance, take a look at Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, they're really excellent shows.
  18. One thing I want to mention, if I recall correctly the last big Disney cartoon receiving a lot of praise was Gravity Falls, and Disney didn't just cancel that show on a whim, the actual reason for cancellation after Season 2 was it was the creator's wish. Not much related, but my point is shows aren't always axed because of the companies themselves. You're quitting MLP next year? Well, I can respect that, but... Why?
  19. I could actually see the first one happening, I don't really see what's so bad about an accidental bump.
  20. Oh, yeah that's understandable. I still stand on the grounds that I don't think C&D's should exist.
  21. Jeez, this is all wrong, people should be assessed on how good they are at the job, not by whether you know the person you're hiring...
  22. I suppose we do need to wait and see.
  23. No problem. The whole world must remember... Yeah, sometimes I wonder who the hell decides to put all the greedy people in those jobs... You've had Cease & Desist letters before?
  24. Not sure about her, It's been a long time since I've seen her in an episode...
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