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  1. > 55-hour week
    > 40-hour previous week
    > supervising 20-meter boreholes being drilled from daybreak until dusk every day
    > gashes head on corner of open window as i arrive home after finishing the last one
    > aggressively sleep-deprived, blood clotting in hair, dirt coating all exposed skin and sweat coating all clothed skin
    > still gets valentine's day card

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    2. Duality



      Actually, dying quickly is awfully hard to do compared to how they make it look in the movies. The easy type of death is getting a gut gash that turns septic and kills you slower than a spit-roast rotation. If you don't have access to a hospital your options open right up.

      It has in fact been 10-11 hours a day, five days last week and four days the week before due to a local holiday excising what would have otherwise been another day of grind. The job gets ludicrously busy during this time of year due to all the Large Developments that start booting up after Christmas. My boss was talking today about a new job he's taken on that encompasses something like 200 hectares of land, so it's going to get worse before it gets better.

      The drillers don't go down the hole, fortunately, since the hole is only about 10cm across. They do a lot of lift-and-carry for the drilling rods but they're all beefy blokes and take it in stride pretty smoothly. One of them was casually chatting to me about the jobs where they have to drive their tractor drilling rig onto a barge with a hole in the bottom in order to drill 200 (yes, 200) meters straight down into the seabed over a span of about 6 days per borehole. Apparently some folks pay them hundreds of thousands to do holes like that to analyse the rock strata beneath various regions of ocean that have never been geologically explored before.

      My job primarily entails hand-drilling boreholes up to 5 meters per hole and up to 4 holes a day. Secondarily it entails processing the dirt data from these holes into a format not stained with mud. Quite beneficial for both my muscle tone and my typing speed, which certainly assists in typing replies like this one.

      Also why are you encouraging me to kill my grandmother

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      you are surrounded repeat you are surrounded place the teacup slowly on the ground and put your hands in the air

    3. Widdershins


      I'm pretty sure most hands are fleshy and can't drill through solid rock on their own. Or at the very least, if it was just you out there in the field doing that, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have hands left to type with. 

       Like, just you drilling holes, that would take ages! Surely they're not asking for both physical labor AND MATH from ONE DUDE! That's inhumane.  … Inbeing? Inhuwater? … That's just Unwatery!

    4. Duality


      I can't drill through rock with a hand auger but that doesn't stop them getting me to drill through dirt with one. It only takes two hours to drill a 5m hole if it's half-decent dirt. :mustache:

      Physical labour actually makes doing maths easier in a sense - working the body out in the field is perceptibly good for the mind too. Plus all the pretty chirping birdies and such are quite relaxing for one's mind.