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  1. I like to sing when I am in a good mood. They say me I sing very well, but I do not if anyone can hear me. Huh, like Fluttershy before “Filli Vanilli”.
  2. So your consciousness saves itself up to the paralysis stage even if you be tired so much? Huh, I just don't know what can be done. If you could hold on to the dream, it wouldn't cause problems. But it is not easy.
  3. I mean that I don't really understand how the paralysis is related to problems of your falling asleep.
  4. Especially because the paralysis is being during whole REM sleep. If one have the knowledge, one won't be afraid at all. I remember how I can't breathe almost because of my heartbeat (as it seemed me) in moments of strong worry. I think it is the main reason. So what is the problem?
  5. Yes, I have. Moreover, when I was exploring the process of falling asleep, I evoked it intentionally. Keeping my mind, I went through the stages: wake → paralysis → soundscapes → visual images → dream. Awakening just goes backwards. I think it is very interesting, it is a real paralysis, and in such moments you can understand what paralyzed people feel. No matter how great your volition is, you can't move your body even a millimeter. But in my first time it was fearful so more than interesting. Then I was interested in lucid dreaming, but worry about various aspects of this. And once when I hadn't woken enough, I had got a paralysis and began to think that the darkness devours me because I've broken a law of the Sleep Kingdom. There was nothing that could be interesting anymore, I awoke quickly. Now I find it amusing. But I don't really understand where a problem is. I know the paralysis mustn't spread itself on the muscles responsible for breathing and movement of eyes. If you can't breathe sometimes, probably, it related to your worry, not to the paralysis. So what do you feel in this moments exactly?
  6. Twice? You underestimate my power! Actually, if an outfit look clean and do not smell, I see no reason to not wear it once again. Otherwise, I will not wear it.
  7. She needn't anymore. But I separate minor characters who Tiara was, and background ponies who Derpy is. Diamond Tiara was a character sometime. She is, theoretically, but authors aren't able to find an employment for her already.
  8. I've come to conclusion that whole her role was just bullying CMC because of their blank flanks. Then before they have got their cutie marks, reforming was necessary. The bad news is that the new role wasn't assigned, so we don't have Diamond Tiara as a character now.
  9. Why do you think that he couldn't? Maybe it was just not necessary.
  10. It is funny that a dub of an episode has been released before its original variant. I have seen it, thank goodness that all Slavic languages are very similar. Someone thinks that we already have got the cutest character in the season.
  11. Canon of the show is the foundation. We can think up so many properties for the characters, but it will not make them theirs, even if we would like it to be very much. So if I like a character, this character is canon or do not contradict it.
  12. Well… Considering that ponies in Ponyville usually don't wear clothing whereas it is doing in Canterlot and Manehattan, can we say that… ponies in Ponyville just are simpler? Then I do not think that Rarity makes, as it calls just with one word in my country, goods for general consumption. It is just undemanded. She works as tailor anyway. On the other hand, there is demand in other cities, but will Rarity work for it? And I don't know what about prices.
  13. Minuette, of course. Just because she has never been called as Colgate in the series, and I'm not used to accept every nickname that comes to fans' mind.
  14. Making allies is always a wise idea. Another thing, how much we can trust such allies. I do not think that Thorax is a spy or something like that. But theoretically authors did not except a chance that he somehow will help Chrysalis and other cahangelings to take the Crystal Empire and get Flurry Heart that apparently is a concentrate of love and other emotions. Oh, with following repentance and getting forgiveness, of course. It can happen for various reasons, for example, because Chrysalis will convince him in idea that he can help whole of his native swarm by this way or something else. It would be cool. But everything can go by opposite way, who knows.
  15. It does not matter. I mean that ponies already have met changelings, and a changeling that was eschewed by ponies at the wedding does not go to any comparison in the alarm that was raised because someone somewhere has seen a changeling with edge of one's left eye. So why did nopony in Ponyville give the alarm because of an enemy has get into the town hall in his real guise? Because of their differences of mentalities? And some ponies (Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, for instance) were at the wedding too.