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  1. I didn't think it was too bad. I'll give it props for not being a repeat of Baby Cakes in regards to plot and the moral. It's probably not going to be one of the most interesting episodes this season, but it had its enjoyable moments. Of course I've always been pretty fine with Flurry Hearts though.
  2. Screw them all! Go full anarchist with the Yes Man ending. But in all seriousness, I'd probably go with the Followers of the Apocalypse and Mr. House. Their goals are pretty humanitarian from what I recall. I think they could do a lot of good for the Wasteland. The Institute from Fallout 4 would be a worthy contender given their technology, but unfortunately I don't trust them due their penchant for enslaving Synths and meddling in people's affairs. I also thought Elder Lyons' Brotherhood was good for the Wasteland before Maxson took over. Regular Brotherhood are too xenophobic and isolationist.
  3. I'm a big fan of Pepe. Here's some of my rarest (and most pleasant) Pepes. I'm afraid some of the rarer Pepes can't be seen by mortal eyes...because of forum rules and stuff. I don't care what anyone says. Pepe will NEVER be a hate symbol to me.
  4. Do you mean the announcement trailer? If so, I quite like the animation despite the complaints I've heard about it. But I'm hoping we'll get something a bit more substantial soon. I want to know more about the plot!
  5. A cute plush is a cute plush. Whether it's for babbies or bronies. So I don't think it matters that much.
  6. The fringe groups of Bronies that unironically associate themselves with Neo-Nazism. You can see stuff like shoving Nazi paraphernalia into the show and memes like Aryanne (she would actually be a cute pony without all of the Nazi references). It obviously reflects badly on us all to be associated with bigotry. And honestly, how you can watch a show like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and genuinely come to the conclusion that fascism is correct is beyond me. The show has always celebrated diversity and acceptance. How do you miss the point that much? On a kid's show no less. I also guess I dislike the cynical bronies who think they're being hip and self aware by calling other bronies autistic. The level of insecurity is deafening. I suppose the thing I dislike about this fandom is occasional nasty and mean-spirited individuals. But you find them in all walks of life.
  7. Netflix these days. I watch the newer episodes on YouTube because season 6 and 7 aren't on Netflix in the UK, and I don't think I have Discovery Family. I'm a bit behind because of that.
  8. Mega Thread

    Tired...AND HUNGRY!!!
  9. I'm a huge weirdo and manchild and I don't care what the normies think.
  10. I think it's cool that all kind of people can relate to the Mane Six, even if they haven't explicitly been confirmed to have any mental conditions. While the Mane Six were probably never written with any disorder in mind, it's a great thing to have relatable characters to people of all walks of life. There's probably not as many relatable mentally ill characters as there should be (especially in children's TV shows) and I'd hate to rob these people of their fun. I've related a lot with Twilight and Fluttershy in the past because I have Asperger's and socializing is very difficult for me (Pinkie is only best pony becasuse she makes me laugh the most ). I'd also be fine with more ponies with disabilities being introduced to the show provided it was done well. I actually hope the show touches on it more in the future.
  11. Ooh, Vinyl again. I know what I wanna do with you. Let's go bake cupcakes together!
  12. I've never been concerned with how 'nutty' their beliefs are and whatnot. Provided that you're not harming anybody or society at large, it's none of my concern what people believe. It's their lives. But Scientology's views on psychiatry and mental health seem really backwards and harmful. Not to mention the creepy reports of them operating like a cult and charging their members to advance within their organization.
  13. Web

    Some of my favourites. Hbomberguy FilthyFrank Jon CJG GameGrumps Nostalgia Critic Crash Course Bozeman Science Khan Academy I don't actually follow that many YouTubers. But these are channels which I really enjoy. The last few have been very helpful with school.
  14. I don't really see how she is any worse than Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake. Is it the fact that she's an alicorn or because they see her as a marketing ploy? I don't get that. And yeah, the episode should be fine as lot it's different from Baby Cakes.
  15. Gaming

    Banjo-Kazooie! Playing through Banjo-Tooie now. Thinking of playing Yooka-Laylee later as well. It's a great game! I love how similar it is to Doom and Doom II with fast-paced gameplay and omission of modern FPS mechanics.