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  1. Ooh, a cuddly doggy!
  2. Probably this. I think season 7 (especially its finale) will offer hooks and hints to the movie. I mean they foreshadowed Starlight Glimmer's return throughout season 6, so I don't doubt that they'll give us a few nods as to what's going to happen later in the movie.
  3. A gem. Maybe with a radical and cool flame around it!
  4. movies/tv

    I don't actually get to watch many cartoon shows these days, sadly. But I really love watching Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Spongebob Squarepants, the old Cartoon Network shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, Scooby Doo, Futurama, South Park, classic The Simpsons episodes and some of classic Nickelodeon and Disney channel cartoons. I've been wanting to catch up on some of the newer Cartoon Network cartoons (the ones from the 2010s) like Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, We Bare Bears and Steven Universe. I've heard they're really good.
  5. This is my outlook towards it! Of course I'm excited. But I'm not going to set myself up for disappointing by expecting something in terms of Pixar or Disney quality. But as long as it's a fun adventure and marginally more suspenseful than a classic two-parter, I'll consider it a success.
  6. Yep! I think my hair looks good long. It's pretty wavy/curly. I'm growing my mane long over the Summer. But I might have to get it cut before I depart for Brazil in August. I'm going on a university field-trip to Brazil. Going to be doing some ecological fieldwork in the Atlantic rain forest. It will be hot there so a haircut will be advised.
  7. I suppose I wouldn't mind seeing more of him. But didn't he die? I'm personally hoping Lord Tirek will return. Maybe if the writers attempted to give him a redemption arc, they could introduce his brother Scorpan into the show. He initially tried convincing his brother the error of his ways to no avail. I wonder he Tirek could be redeemed like Discord. Come to think of it, it's a lot like Princess Luna and Celestia's story.
  8. It's a pretty snazzy looking website. Can't wait for them to post more stuff on it!
  9. The music is also pretty nice too! And I like how Spike is a puffer fish.
  10. Mega Thread

    Alien: Covenant Just saw it yesterday in the cinema. I'd recommend it. It's a significant improvement over Prometheus. It still has the philosophical elements of Prometheus, but it's a lot more coherent. The lore behind the Alien series is actually quite interesting. Plus this one actually has Xenomorphs in it. And they're scary!
  11. But I want the cookie!
  12. I hope it is!
  13. Mega Thread

    10/10 He's so cute and adorkable! I love his hairstyle and glasses. Very studious and smart-looking!
  14. Yeah, Equestria kind of relies on Luna and Celestia. I don't think there ever would be an uprising. At least not a successful one.
  15. I hated secondary school! They were some of the worst years of my life. I was bullied and didn't have too many friends, and everybody thought I was dumb. I constantly skipped school because I just hated being there. By the end of school I came out with horrendous GCSE results. But I got to retake my GCSEs in sixth form and came out with far better results. I then later finished an Access Course and got into university. I'm now pursuing a degree in biology and reaching the end of it. I've been working very hard at it. I also made some friends at uni, but I would still like more!