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  1. Cutie marks that don't seem to fit

    Photo Finish has the exact same cutie mark as Twilight Sparkle, but Photo Finish has nothing to do with that cutie mark
  2. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    banned for being offended and accusing the_gobo for banning you for being pink
  3. FlashLight fan club!

    too bad they dont rlly show them tgther anymore cuz the pony twilight doesnt rlly go to canterlot high anymore....the girls at canterlot high can manage their own problems liao
  4. Earn a title

    ok thanks for answering my qn, and i hope tht qn helps other newbies:)
  5. spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    pls note if u use harsh word u reported. also if i was sunset, i wldnt b a mdw cuz if someone find out who i was, i wont b trusted anymore cuz of what i did last time and some ppl didnt forgive me. and i dont think mlp will wanna post another mdw episode...theres nth exicting in tht besides mdw saving ppl. i mean rainbow cant get jealous anymore what. they wont repeat the same lesson twice using the same scene. and also sunset has school...i dont think she can find the time to be a mdw. sunset wasnt in equestria when 5 of the mane 6 were mdws. how would she know that mdw even exists i think the real mdws are the mane6 + sunset(at canterlot high) oni tht other ponies know who they are and it isnt a mystery
  6. You are getting married to the above user's avatar

    thats a pussy and im a girl i no lesbian
  7. Hii welcome to the flash + twilight sparkle shipping fan clubb all mlp forums rules apply here:)
  8. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for spelling 'banned' & 'dropping' wrongly
  9. If Sunset Shimmer is from equestria, then howcome she doesnt have a double version of herself in the human world? The actual human Sunset Shimmer should have heard of her double and came to Canterlot High to find her, or the pony Sunset Shimmer obviously knows she has a double in human world so why doesnt she try and find her double?
  10. Earn a title

    oh thanksss :))))))))
  11. Hi pls see this and follo meee

    Hihi Im a random person frm sg...more abt me:im in taekwondo poom belt, i finis watching the whole mlp series...or the episodes tht are alr out, follo me and pls how do we get sth like a pegasus or whatever status someone tell me do we hv to like earn it or whatt
  12. Earn a title

    Hi everypony, I'm new here, anypony wanna tell me how you earn your title like 'pegasus' 'squirrel' stuff liddat
  13. spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    Sunset Shimmer is alr kinda a mare do well...oni ponies know who she is