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  1. .....


    Yousa Samarai Pizza Cat!!!

    *fidget Squees!*

  2. @Phosphor Genesis Does!




    1. Phosphor


      ...what Nintendon't  :P 

      You like the new Genesis mini? I don't know much about those since I have the original Genesis and Model 1 Sega CD

      Sega Genesis-CD.jpg

    2. DivinePony1000


      @Phosphor I love the Genesis Mini! 42 awesome games in Classic style!

  3. Same here. I love parmesan cheese! When it comes to the store bought stuff, I like those when they're a year or two expired.
  4. I got to bed between 10 and 11pm. Just before bedtime, I turn everything off and chill under a red lamp. It seems to help me fall asleep faster.
  5. *Boops @RaraLover :Rara:

    Rara Smile 2.png

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    2. Phosphor


      Not too bad. Just waiting on this wet weather to get out of here. Kinda hard to do my thing when the clouds are hanging around :P 


    3. RaraLover


      I'm doing alright, thanks! :D Not much has been happening lately. Got lots of free time nowadays. :ph3ar: I've decided to start a little project/experiment, because, well, nothing much else to do. Trying to hatch some prehistoric aquatic creatures called Triops. It's a kit I got for Christmas a couple of years ago, and the first time I tried it, it failed and gave up. :( The temperature was too cold, if I remember. School also kept me occupied during the last few years, so I forgot all about this Triop hatching kit. Now I'm kind of excited about this, and feel a bit more confident now that the temperature here is a little warmer for this to work. :squee: I've got the equipment I needed yesterday, and prepared the Triop eggs for hatching this morning. Hopefully in a few days, there will be some good results! ^_^

      Hopefully the clouds will clear up for you soon, my friend! I know how much you love the astronomy work! :rarity:

    4. Phosphor


      Cool! I've never head of those. Hope it works out for ya  :squee:

      I'm also eager to do some work on my new property so I can move there later this year. It's gonna be a busy spring/summer, but I'm ready for it!

  6. I've been out of the loop on the Sonic Fandom for a while, but it's nice to see that these lil animations are still being made. 


    1. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      Yes!! You can never go wrong with these guysB)

  7. Now that I think about it, I never did finish Sonic Mania  :sealed:

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    2. Phosphor


      @Yoshi89, I was enjoying it but I have an odd relationship with video games. My interest comes and goes. I'll go thru long stretches without even touching a single game. :huh:

      @DivinePony1000, Looks like Princess Luna wants to play  :LunaMCM: 

    3. DivinePony1000


      @Phosphor I love Sonic and I love Luna! What better combination could there be?

    4. Mirage


      I haven't played it. :lie:

  8. I'm in the mood for some Sonic CD so it's time to dust off the Sega CD!  :kirin:


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    2. DivinePony1000


      @Phosphor Are you gonna watch the movie when it comes out? BECAUSE I SURE AM!

    3. Phosphor


      I plan on giving it a chance

    4. SpittyPie2005


      The movie comes out on Valentines Day....perfect way to spend the day if you're single.

  9. It's amazing what a little yard work can accomplish. The front of my house looks so much better!  Kinda enjoy Spring cleaning  :fluttershy:

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Did Twily help you? :twi:


    3. Muffinnz


      @Twilight Luna that gif reminds me of the really old Mickey mouse episode where he puts a magic spell on a lot of brooms to become alive and accidentally starts flooding the place.

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      @Muffinnz Doesn't it? Actually, if you watch the beginning of the episode 'Secret of My Excess', they use the music from that cartoon. :adorkable:

  10. I'm a bit late, but happy birthday Splashee!  :blue_baloon:

    1. Splashee


      Quite a bit late :ButtercupLaugh:

      Thank you @Phosphor :rarity:

  11. Man, do these bring back old memories. My old imaging rigs: Orion Spaceprobe 3 and Celestron C90 telescopes. These two got me started in the hobby of amateur astronomy. Fast forward 5 years or so, I currently image with 8" and 16" telescopes! 

    Looking at the last pic: I barely even recognized the background. Those trees are huge now! Time flies  :wau:

    Orion Spaceprobe 3.jpg

    Celestron C90 2.jpg

    Celestron C90.jpg

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    2. DivinePony1000


      @Phosphor Every time I see the word Celestron, I keep thinking of a robot Celestia!

    3. J.T.
    4. Phosphor


      @J.T., The Celestron C90. 

      It's portable and blows away any cheap store brand refractor. Just get a decent tripod, star diagonal and you're good to go. The C90 usually comes with a low power eyepiece, so you may want to get a small set or a zoom eyepiece  :fluttershy:

  12. Yep, including news anchors and pretty much every guest that appears on a televised interview. I see no issue with it.
  13. I like my clothes kinda baggy, especially in the summer. I don't like anything sticking to me when it's tropical outside.
  14. I'm early , but happy birthday to ya Lucky!  :balloon:

    Don't party too hard.  :P

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Oh....I actually forgot my birthday is tomorrow :sealed::ButtercupLaugh: 

    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Thank you! ^_^

    3. Phosphor


      "I actually forgot my birthday is tomorrow" 

      Hmmm, take it easy on that stuff.  :ButtercupLaugh:

      You're welcome.