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  1. These Magnolias are elusive. I can only seem to photograph them when they're closed  :dash:

    The colors on the leaves appear way off. I shot these with a different lens and I don't have a filter for it. Near IR light completely dominates all 3 color channels in an unfiltered camera.  :adorkable:

    Magnolia NIRVis 1.jpg

    Magnolia NIRVis 2.jpg

    Magnolia NIRVis 3.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rocco


      I love magnolias! Outstanding work!

    3. Phosphor


      @Twilight Luna, I know, right? I will have to be stealthier next time they open up.  :P

      @Sondash Studios, Thank you! Tho in fairness, I don't think most pros shoot outside the visible spectrum. If they did, their cameras and lens would probably smoke what I have.  :adorkable:

      @Rocco, Thank you! Magnolias smell so good!  :wub:

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      You and Twily will have to be sneaky. ;)