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  1. lol I'm down to clown. Hit me up whenever you wanna squad up I'm also down. And yeah, I'm new to the forums, still learning where things should be when starting topics. I totally get you! Sometimes when I want to take a break from the game and uninstall it, but I can't! It's really annoying. It's almost like the game is a virus itself sometimes...
  2. I go for a run every once in a while. Besides having to purchase the proper shoes, it's a completely free thing to do. Plus, it's very rewarding especially when you achieve runners high which basically makes me feel like a god. I could run for several miles and feel almost no pain whenever I acquire a great runners high. Seriously, it's amazing and I should probably do it more often actually.
  3. Does anybody else play Warthunder? It's not a very popular game where I live and I really want to get to know more peeps who play it cuz I feel like I can be doing a lot better and be making a whole lot more progress if I squad up. My highest air BR is 9.0 (British) and highest tank BR is 4.0 (Russian), but I'm down to play any game mode/ BR. In fact, I go Russian reserves arcade pretty often when I've accumulated a long enough lose streak because let's face it, Russian biplanes are op as heck lol. Anyways, my username in game is "Condensation" if you get the chance to add me online.
  4. Snow Jam


    Hi Avery, I'm really sorry to hear that you're struggling with depression. I also deal with depression as well as anxiety on a regular basis. In fact, I am currently taking medication and am seeing therapy. As someone who has dealt with metal health issues for a while now I would highly recommend that you also see a therapist if you are not able to share your thoughts with family or friends, and if you visit a psychiatrist and qualify for medication I'd advise also giving that a shot if all else fails. Anyways, I hope you get help soon, and Happy New years!
  5. Both are terrible and I've experienced both to some extent in my life, but I would certainly choose to be wasted by hypothermia rather than a heat stroke any day. It's a whole lot less suffering compared to having your body over heating. In fact, you could probably make it quite comfortable before you lose consciousness by continuously adding more and more layers of clothing (if you have the chance). As for a heat stroke, there's only so many layers you can take off until you've got nothing on left and you're still having a difficult time maintaining homeostasis. But yeah, the more I think about it actually. hypothermia doesn't seem like the worst way to go by a long shot. Next to passing in my sleep, drowning, or being hit by a passing car so fast that you won't feel anything, I'd probably say that perishing via extreme cold would probably be at the top of my list in ways I wish to go.
  6. Hi! Thanks for the welcome! And yeah "rn" as in "right now", and quite literally actually cuz I just finished watching an episode right now lol.
  7. When I get drunk I like to dance and sing. I'm actually drunk at thisd bery moment. LMAO happy New Years everuPonyy!
  8. Wow nice! And you've had over 1000 posts here since then! You've been pretty active I think my favorite episode was when they made an entire episode about the background characters like derpy, dj pon 3, lyra, etc. I also really liked the episode when pinkie pie cloned herself a billion times
  9. Looking forward to it! And yeah 2014 was probably the peak year of MLP fandom tbh. What year did you join if you don't mind me asking?
  10. LOL ik sorry! I want to undo that but i can't find where to edit my post. Oh well I guess it works now XD Hi thanks! And thanks for the welcome
  11. Hello everypony and Happy New Years Eve! So long story short, I actually became a fan of the show years ago, back in 2014 to be exact. But after about a couple years I stopped following the show due to other interests. Recently however, I've started getting back into MLP again especially after I found out about the new movie that came out last year. I’m currently rewatching through the entire series rn (including the new seasons I did not get to watch yet). Currently, I’m on season 2 and I love it! Anyways, I’ve struggled to get to know other peeps who are also into the show mainly cuz I’m a closet brony irl, so I decided to create my own account here on the forums to get to know other bronys and hopefully answer questions that I have related to the show. Thanks for reading! 😁