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  1. HEaD On apPly diReCTlY tO the foReHeaD I cant believe I forgot that existed.
  2. So, how long until I have a complete 3D model of one of the school's bedrooms?
  3. This bug. I already know the resulting picture is gonna be enormous.
  4. And I drew her jammies with bugs on them. Also, lighting. If we continued this pattern with the rest of the Student Six... Sandbar: turtles Silverstream: stairs (or pipes or both) Smolder: gems Gallus: nothing Yona: Yona (maybe recursively)
  5. I already started on drawing little bugs on Celly-bug's pajamas, but I had to bolt when I drew only one bug.
  6. Worst part is that I really wanted to draw Celly-bug again...
  7. My valenderp's day is gonna be spent in the Lhopital (as a visitor) and in traffic.
  8. I suppose this'll do for "special pony".
  9. bug It's quite possible that Art Style Version 8 may see an overall reduction in relative outline size. Yes, I'm already working on ASV8. And even then, Delicious still works as a font.
  10. So, uhh, this. No, I don't want any garnish.
  11. Where does Angry Gallus fit into this? Context: I've seen a parody of Angry Birds where it's Angry Gallus and the birds are just Gally-birb's head.
  12. ...maaaaaybe... Sometimes I think to myself about how Gally-birb deserves a hug.