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  1. Last time you regularly used Internet Explorer?

    Wow, I'm surprised how late everyone used IE. I probably haven't used it regularly for over 13 years. I downloaded Firefox when it was still in beta (2004-ish?).
  2. How did you discover MLP

    When a friend showed me the forums and I joined (that being @Lord Bababa).
  3. Is Black Gryph0n a conservative?

    Same here. I voted Trump, don't really care for him, but I wouldn't doubt Hillary might have some good ideas. I don't think regulation is the solution to all problems, but some it is. I don't care if someone is supportive of either side.
  4. Do You No Longer See Ponies as 'Ponies'?

    I definitely think of them like friends and people. They teach us valuable lessons from their experience.
  5. It's my OC, Mohawk Blaze. I didn't have a name for him for the longest time until a few days ago.
  6. Rumble

    Agreed. A lot of people assume things like this about people due to certain features.
  7. Request Cyberpunk themed OC style

    Hi, I couldn't exactly find a shop I exactly wanted, so I figured I'd request here. I'd like to take my current OC and have it themed in kind of a cyberpunk way, I'm feeling like having that. If anyone could do that, that would be nice .
  8. Listening to Tom Petty on Pandora. Such a surprise he died, RIP. :(

  9. Anyone else use this forum when bored

    Yee. Though I'm not active as much due to work or whatever comes up.
  10. Technology Internet Speeds

    I'm ready for fiber optics to get here soon.
  11. Freemasons

    My grandpa is a Freemason. I'm really curious about it, but I don't know what the policies are about telling about it, I feel like asking him what it's like.
  12. Technology Who here uses VPNs?

    1. Main benefits include the things I had said in the OP. It's not a perfect way of protection, as your VPN can still leak out data via your DNS servers, but some VPN providers like PIA have features to prevent this. 2. I would say Private Internet Access. They have a network of 3000+ servers (see in 27 countries, and have a lower monthly cost compared to many major VPN providers. There is an occasional speed hiccup every now and then, but it usually fixes itself. 3. Usually, a lot of the good VPNs (anything non-free) will be $10-15/month, but will give you a lower price if you sign up pre-paid (like, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years in advance). PIA is $7/month, with lower prices at higher terms. 4. It most likely won't, as most of the VPN providers have a 1Gbps uplink or more to each server. Usually more though.
  13. So apparently I cannot sign onto Discord anymore. It always asks me to fill out a CAPTCHA, and reCAPTCHA will never accept my answers even if I check hard. If I try clicking for an audio CAPTCHA, it says I'm sending automated queries. What?

  14. Technology Who here uses VPNs?

    A virtual private network (VPN) is sort of like a tunnel that redirects your internet traffic through a remote server, securely through encryption. There are many uses for this, including getting around censorship, protecting yourself on public WiFi, and general privacy concerns. So, I want to know, do you use a VPN and if so, which one? I happen to use a company called Private Internet Access ( They're very well known by now, rather cheap and have servers in multiple countries. Plus, they disguise their IP addresses under shell companies that look like cable/DSL ISPs so you can get around companies that block VPNs (like Netflix).
  15. Weather/Meteorology talk thread

    Thanks. In Indianapolis they're supposed to get 1-2 inches, but since I live a little bit north, we may get 3 to 5 inches, so that makes me happy.