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Movies/TV Favorite anime pairings~


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We have one for video game pairings, so why not anime ones? :DI apologize if there's already a thread about it. I couldn't find it, even as far as I had gone.


Here are my favorites:


England x America

Lelouch x Suzaku

Haruhi x Kyon

Shizuo x Izaya

Germany x Italy

Mikuru x Itsuki

Sesshomaru x Kagura

Inuyasha x Kagome

Rin x Kohaku

Miroku x Sango

Zero x Yuki (Vampire Knight)


Yes, most of my pairings are yaoi. I do love yaoi, but I'm not obsessed with it. I have more pairings, only I can't seem to remember all of them though. D:

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