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general What's your favorite animals?


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Hyenas. One of my favourite animals would definitely be Hyenas. I really really love them. Striped Hyenas to be really specific.

I love Spiders. I once 'befriended' one that lived in my garden. She had this big web. It was nice having her around. She helped reduce a ton of pest like mosquitoes and flies. She also had this neighbour (of a totally different species) who lived among the plant under her web.

Bees!!!! I love bees. I read this book which talks of solitary bees (which means bees that don't do hiving and queening) and I love them. I also have this book called Lore of the Honey Bees which I still have yet to read.

Praying Mantises are briliant. They can live for a while without their heads. It is cool. And they are such fighters and warriors. Really really love them.

Cats. Felines in general but I'm going with cats at the moment since that is the only feline I have interacted with. Fluffy things that demand food from you and insist that it wants your glass of milk. But they can be sweet. Until they decide to move away for two weeks and when they return, they no longer recognise you and treat you like a stranger. Granted, not all cats are like that. There is this cat that lives behind my house who is 9-10 years old. She occasionally goes off disappearing into and adventure for months before coming back whenever I thought it is dead. And when she returns, she always still remember me. I love her.

Panthers are something that I apparently like? It might be after I read this book adaptation of Disney's Jungle Book years ago. 

Butterflies!!!!!!! I have always loved them since I was a kid! There is a butterfly garden somewhere in my country and I really want to go there. My childhood drawings generally have butterflies and cats.

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On 2019-12-19 at 3:24 PM, ShadOBabe said:

Oh so many. But my favorites are birds and this little dude...

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It's a pangolin. I love them! :squee:

Pinecones have become sentient!!!

Pangolins are so cool and unique. :P

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Birds! Corvids, but a lot of undomesticated ones.

Capybaras, llamas and alpacas, dogs, bunnies, chipmunks and a lot of rodents, I love butterflies a lot too though idk if you'd count that, seals, chickens... Ugh so many I'm probably forgetting too.

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My favorite animals are fruit bats! Yes, there are fruit bats in MLP. No, it's not why I like fruit bats. They were my favorite animals a long time before I began to watch MLP but I was very glad to discover that there were fruit bats in my favorite show! They were even the center of one episode! :PIPPIPHURRAY:

Just sad that in this episode Applejack and the rest of the Mane Six tried to exterminate them. There was only Fluttershy who didn't lose her moralty but she ended up transformed into a vampire because of her kindness. This episode was the worst. :scoota-sad:

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