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Hi everypony, It's Leaf Shadow, and I have been thinking that there may be a seventh element.

When you think about it there is rather a lot of judgement between the mane 6. Changelings - NO! (At the start of FiM) Zebras - ARGH! Dragons - EEEK! Just think, that maybe what ponyville needs is some acceptance. To accept others for who they are and look deeper.


Now I know that it's well into Mlp FiM and probably to late to have a seventh element, but maybe, just maybe, there is one. This is a post to see which pony would be best. I am thinking Derpy, but others might be Lyra Heartstrings, Amythst star etc. So tell me what you think, we could start a brony campaign!

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Acceptance isn't exactly lacking in Equestira.


Changelings posed a clear threat. The response was appropriate. Not sure why you mention them after specifying Ponyville.


One dragon was polluting their air, so makes sense to be concerned. And no one's shown issue with Spike, even after he wrecked the place xP


Zebra's, or rather, Zecora, were a bit of culture shock that got exaggerated by circumstance. All sorted out pretty quickly.

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Hey!  There's already another topic on a seventh element of harmony here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/10943-what-if-there-was-a-7th-element-of-harmony/


Please feel free to continue to discuss this theory on that thread.  Also just for future reference, topics discussing MLP should actually go in the Show Discussion or Sugarcube Corner section, not in general discussion.  Thanks!

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