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Video New PMV, watch before YouTube screws it.

Lady Rarity Pony

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Well here it is, I've been working on it all day.

It's sped up and 25 or so seconds shorter due to that but it was the only way I could avoid a serious copyright block.

It still says that it has copyrighted material but this time it's not resulting in a worldwide block.

I don't know why the hell it's getting hit with this because the one at regular speed is saying the material is from -blah blah blah- but this one is saying it's from someone different. Screw YouTube and watch.

Lip-syncing wasn't as good as my other one and I had to use more Winter Wrap Up clips than I originally planned.



I'm not sure if they will block it in some random countries or something so tell me if you can't view it.

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I don't get why they'd block something like this. As far as I can tell, the law only forbids the use of entire footages with their original sound and music, so making music videos is still legal.

Faved and Liked on YT right away, and I'll sub as well.


Thank you so much :)

The original is still up but blocked so I filed a Dispute and hopefully I will get a response from YouTube but until then Discord must sound 20% more chipmunk :P

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WTF!? Now everything is working just fine O.o

Ok here is the video at regular speed, it says "blocked worldwide" yet Feld0 was able to watch it so I guess it must be blocked in all of Equestria :o




It's also up in the Gallery, thanks to Feld0 helping me out ^_^

Thanks a lot to him


Here is the Gallery link:


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I really like it!


7/10 (Skilled - Thumbs Up/Favorite)


What is this song from? I've never heard it.



Also, this is how I rate things http://mlpforums.com/public/style_emoticons/default/dry.png



MyKotoShi - YouTube Rating System.


1/10 (Worst Possible Thing! - Dislike/Flag)

2/10 (Terrible - Dislike)

3/10 (Bad - Dislike)

4/10 (Below Avg. - Not worth Finishing/Ignore)

5/10 (Avg. - 1 Time View/Listen)

6/10 (Above Avg. - Thumbs Up)

7/10 (Skilled - Thumbs Up/Favorite)

8/10 (Skilled - Favorite/Download)

9/10 (Talented - Download/Share)

10/10 (Exceptional - Must Have/Must Share)

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Didn't FluttershyElsa make this?


Who is that? O.o

I made this yesterday completely on my own, I can get some screenshots if you don't believe me :P


Ok I searched him/her, yeah they have the same basic idea of Discord and this song, but this was made by me.

I didn't even know anyone had done it before :P

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