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Female changelings?


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@ Bright Bastion, There are 2 explanations for Flash, 1. the animators wanted him to be recognizable in both pony and human form or

2. Flash is younger than the other guards so he hasn't earned the enchanted armor yet (we can tell he's younger by comparing his voice to the guards voices in "A bird in Hoof" )

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I believe that Changelings are like bees, with a few differences. The worker bees (always female) do the work while the drone bees (always male) mate with the queen. I think it may be the opposite here. Of course, the female changeling wouldnt mate with the queen, but instead would gather the semantic required to fertilize eggs from the male changelings once they consume love. In bee colonies, male bees are kicked out of the hive when winter is approaching or there isnt enough food to go around. Something similar might happen with changelings where if love is scarce, female changelings that arent the queen get kicked out first, due to them not working as hard as the males. Perhaps in the show, this is why we dont see any females, cause we rarely ever see any changeling attacks. Chrysalis herself states that she "always cocoons her snacks for later". This could suggest that food is scarce in the hive, so it would explain why there are no females. I'm also sure that shapeshifting for changelings isnt limited by gender, since Thorax did shapeshift into Starlight Glimmer before. I guess that the changelings never did have to worry about genders, as long as there were males to mate with the queen, so they kicked out the females when food was scarce. During the Canterlot Wedding, Chrysalis even states that they hadn't eaten a good meal in so long. It's probably similar to where the Dazzlings complain about having to go to fast food restaurants for hate, they have to rely on weaker sources of love to survive. But we have seen a female changeling, but not in the way we know changelings. In season 8, there is a reformed female changeling (forgot her name). So it is very much possible that female changelings existed, even before their reveal, but they were all kicked out and left to starve.

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30 minutes ago, Gale Wind said:

Any new thoughts now that Ocellus is in the picture? We finally have a female.

If you listen to the VA in, "To Change a Changeling" I believe it is strongly suggested that we just believed the changelings we're all men like worker bees surrounding a queen, but we know there are other females now... I always had many questions about how Hasbro would explain their reproductive cycle and life longevity... From my perspective they should be over populating Equestria... The thing is like do all changelings go to a certain spot to give birth, why Ocellus the only visible changeling of her age? We saw in Pharynx and Thorax's "litter" or what ever you would call the birthing of a large group of changeling hatchlings that there was a mass of them all born at the same time? Are changelings like tadpoles and only the strongest make it out alive and a dense majority die along the way? It would explain the lack of siblings or young hatchlings relative to Ocellus, and is Chrysalis not Ocelluses mom? When she sees her as herself in the mirror it's a question I wrestle with myself with, who's birthing changelings now? And if multiple changelings are and not just Chrysalis, they SHOULD be EVERYWHERE? Lol...

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