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Planning RP in the making

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So far our winning RP idea is: A Music RP. What we need:






What kind of music: I play cello, bass guitar, and have played Trombone in real life. (Had to stop Trombone this year because of scheduling issues) So I know this topic. I was thinking we could have 'sides' in competition witheachother for popularity or something. Which leads toooooooo:


Plot: If we have a focused veiw on one type of music, we could have compitition. But then we would be limited. If we have a broad focus, then it would be like having multiple different RPs under one banner, if you know what I mean.


Charrecters: This one's slightly easier. I'd like to have original, new charrecters. Because everyone's either gunna wanna be Pinky, Fluttershy, V1nle, or Octavia, and I don't want to become an arbituary bonehead, it is highly possible you will bemakinga form. Sorry guys.


PEOPLE! Yesh, we need you Equestrians to make this work. It never will otherwise for obvious reasoons.


And most importantly; An envirement where everypony can have fun. I don't care if you be Colt, Mare, or Foal, you will behave yourself! I'm not Feld0, but I respect my peers enough that I know not to hack at eachother. Playful banter, and a little slip here and there I can understand. But if your here trying to troll/anger another person, you got another thing comin'. (BigMac: eYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!)



Please note, I have never ever eveh in my entire experience of making/failing to make rps made one about music. Yes, it's a shocker to me, but this is my first. As such, as long as your not purposely trying to slant this rp in your favor, I am open to ideas.


I appologise if these sound uber dictatorish, but this is to be the first of the rps I make here, and, as naive as it sounds, I does wants it PERFECT! RPing can be a great way to meet new people, and make friends, but, as is all forms of communication, we are all subject to personal baggage etc. I relise we are bronies/pegasisters/MLP fans here, but it doesn't take much to spark a type war. Of which I have stories if your interested, but they aren't pleasant. So, here goes. Your votes count, so be sure to pop o in and help decide how this RP wil go.


(Side note: If someone can teach me how to use the new 'Paint' program to draw a decent pony I will

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Sounds cool. I have a two OC's that would fit the concept of war...


1) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/ares-r212

That is, if you wouldn't mind me RPing as the super powerful villain


2) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bret-davis-r224

Kind of... unique... but i could still make him work

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(Who is plox?) I've got you in my resrve trust me. Word Dox never fail.


I'd love to be apart if it involves music. if you decide to set up something like that I'd love to be a apart of it!


My Character:



Made the RP


Ooh, ooh!



I reserved a spot for you ^^

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