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My latest song not showing up on profile (issue with quotation marks?)

Jack "Fox" Grayson

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My latest song, a remix of "Make a Wish," is not showing up on my profile. You can confirm this by following the link and clicking on my name.


What's interesting is that my name is listed as Jack Fox Grayson (without quotation marks) on this track, while the name on my profile and the rest of my music is Jack "Fox" Grayson (with quotation marks, which is what I prefer). (You can compare this on the "Hardcore" genre listing.) And, in the artist list (currently between pages 22 and 23), there are two different artists, Jack "Fox" Grayson and Jack Fox Grayson. I assume that this latest song was put under the latter artist, but I can't seem to access that profile from anywhere.


Update: My account page (as opposed to my profile) lists only my newest song. And, in my settings, the option to sync my display name with MLP Forums is enabled. (And you can see what my display name is here.) So I suppose that's an immediate cause of the problem.


However, I remember disabling this (back when it was "sync with Poniverse" or something like that) because Poniverse didn't let me put the quotation marks in.


Well, I just (re-)disabled that, and it seems Poniverse lets me put the quotes in now. Oddly enough, MLP Forums still doesn't.

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I re-opened the issue on GitHub. Looking into how this one happened - and I'll write a script to go back through all the duplicated accounts and merge them.



Update: this is now fixed, for real.


Your tracks are all there on one profile now@@Jack Fox Grayson, and the duplicate account has been disabled (if you happen to still be logged in with it, you'll be shown the option to log out - click that and log back in, and you'll be back in your original account).


Technical details on what was going on, if anyone is interested. :)



The issue with quotes and username syncing is separate - that feature is actually non-functional on Pony.fm right now, and MLP Forums disallows quotes and many other characters because IP.Board does not handle them correctly on the backend. Pony.fm and MLP Forums themselves have not been directly linked for a couple of years, since both sites switched to Poniverse logins. Thanks for reminding me to make a note of the issue!

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Awesome, @@Feld0!


One last question, though. I notice that quotation marks are not mentioned in the list of disallowed characters in the settings:



Can this be changed?


I checked and it turns out that quotes actually are allowed in MLPF display names, but it's a separate issue. I'll follow up with you via PM - it looks like a one-off problem.

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