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general Which monster would you choose?


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I wanted to be something that could transform because, let’s face it, it’s not always easy getting into finer restaurants when you have claws and fangs. So I opted for being a Kitsune, which is a Japanese fox that can take on human form. Here’s what Wiki has to say:

"In Japanese mythology, kitsune, or legendary foxes, often take on a human disguise; most frequently taking the form of an elderly man, an attractive woman, or a child. Kitsune can also replicate the exact appearance of a specific person. In medieval Japan, the belief that any beautiful women met alone at dusk was a kitsune was prevalent. In some legends, kitsune cannot fully transform, but maintain a tail or other foxlike characteristic such as long red hair."

Foxes are my favorite animals so this is a perfect fit for me. Now, I wouldn’t opt to take on the form of an old dude or a child, but the attractive woman is fine, and even in human form I could still keep the tail. That’s just too awesome.

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I really like Wendigos! However, I won't choose that because it would mean constant starvation for human flesh... :adorkable:

Kitsune sounds really cool as well! Plus, they have the ability to shapeshift into beautiful women so I would always have a neat apearance! :izzy-shine:

Can I choose Xenomorph?! :pinkie:

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