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Hearth's Warming Contest Winners... on PonyvilleFM


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Huge news everyone! We're going to be announcing the winners to our Hearth's Warming Contest TODAY! However, we'll be announcing them ON AIR on PonyvilleFM  :love:
Thanks to the PonyvilleFM team for making this possible. We'll be streaming on PonyvilleFM tonight at 10pm GMT (for the full list of timezones, see here). So, if you've entered, make sure you're listening as we'll be going through the top 15 tracks and announcing the 3 prize winners at the end.
Also, quick notice to our contestants, we'll be contacting you if you've won via the email on your Poniverse account. Make sure this email is valid and up to date! If we don't get a response within 3 days we'll give your prize to the contestant below you. Make sure you head over to Poniverse.net before the stream to get your email up to date!
Anyway, good luck to you all! Hope you can make it! If you can't make it in time for the stream, we'll be posting the winners on the Pony.fm homepage for 1 week!

How to listen to PonyvilleFM

Directly on their site Via PonyvilleLive

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