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S02:E11 - Hearth's Warming Eve


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Aww, I wanted another winter wrap up!


And Equestria now has a national anthem.

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See - Unicorns are dominant race. Who got rid of the evil spirits? That's right - twilight. She was just being humble.


Exactly! Unicornia prevails!

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Was that the National Anthem of Equestria!!?? :D


edit: ughh.. ninjas

anyway it was a good episode. Not my favorite but it was fun to know more about the history of Equestria! ^^

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So where do Celestia, Luna, and Discord fit in this timeline?


I believe that later on Discord would overthrow the leaders of the three tribes, only to be overthrown by Celestia and Luna.


Anyway, awesome episode, and I love the continuity with Starswirl, the Nightmare Moon and Discord Glass Panes, this was a fun episode. A grand christmas special.

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