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S02:E11 - Hearth's Warming Eve


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Title: Hearth's Warming Eve
Air Date: December 17th, 2011
Synopsis: The six friends put on a play that illustrates how Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies put aside their differences and founded Equestria.



Hopefully this is the episode that has the leaked song in it. Either way, it'll be interest to find out how Equestria was really made.


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Awesome! I'm really looking forward to this one, I'm always interested in hearing the backgrounds EVERYTHING!


I wonder if Twilight will play as Starswirl the Bearded :) I sure hope so :P

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This will be... interesting


We will hear much more on Equestria's history rather than "Celestia and Luna came and then...."


It'll be great to see more Pony Holidays since Halloween = Nightmare Night now we find out that Christmas = Hearth's Warming!


RIP the Fanon: October 2010- December 17, 2011.


(a bit drastic) but I see what you mean. I never really read any fan fics based on the founding of Equestria, but I'm sure they exist. My problem with this is my current Pony Project deals with kingdoms outside of Equestria, but if they have the kingdom of Equestria span across absolutely EVERYTHING then that completely kills the logic of my fanon!


But still I'm sure that this will be probably the best episode of Season 2 yet!

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The play turns out to be a success, but trouble brews, when the Diamond Dogs return, and kidnap Stallion Clause, to which the Mane 6 with the help of two elf-ponies, (played by Paul Stanley, and Gene Simmons) have to head to the Diamond Dog's new revamped caves to save Stallion Clause.


After saving Stallion Clause, he throws a party for the mane 6, in which the two elf-ponies and Pinkie Pie sing Rock n' Roll all night


The ending theme played during the credits will be covered by Kiss



We will all enjoy this

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I was just thinking about this episode, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring in Luna again. Since both Luna and Celestia would clearly know more about Equestria past than the rest of them. And I'm always looking forward to seeing more Luna, shes one of my favorite ponies! ^_^


Even if Luna isn't in this episode I'm sure it will be one of my favorites. I always enjoy hearing about the past of pretty much everything ;)

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Theres been an extended description about a play that involves the founding of equestria when Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth ponies were fighting...I wonder if this mean we will finally find out whats so good about being an Earth pony. Or and also.

(Warning slight spoilers if you can call them that.)

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Twilight Sparkle has her hooves full as she tries to direct the play. Spike will go out and get a nice shrubbery to decorate the practice hall in an effort to cheer everypony up. When he comes back with it, it's all straggly and messed up. Pinkie Pie will teach us all about the magic of friendship when she uses her party-cannon to decorate it into something special.


The sub-plots involves Rainbow Dash's continued efforts to kick a ball like Applejack, but AJ keeps yanking it out of the way at the last second! Scootaloo, dragging her blanket everywhere, is annoyed by Pip's declarations of undying love, while Sweetie-bell keeps playing the same song over and over on a tiny toy piano.


I sense a Holiday Classic!

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Looking fwd to this ep, it’ll be nice to learn more background information about the setting as well as another well developed plot combined with the holiday season theme.

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Looking forward to this episode :) !!

hoping it will get me in the holiday pony spirit :)

and hope it has a new song :D ! !

~ :D


Also, I have a feeling there is going to be some mistletoe involved..... Spike x Rarity? :blink:


I hope sooo :D !! ~

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