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slice of life A New Chapter Begins and Ends (Twilight x Reader)

Loyal Defender

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It was cold. To you, it felt like it was Frozen North levels of cold. Maybe it was the cool crystals the place was made of, but for a castle, you’d expected a little more...heat. But you wanted that to change. You wanted heat. Warmth, maybe...and a good book. You were out in the hall now, looking for someone to snuggle with. You felt a little embarrassed having to ask anyone...usually you could keep yourself warm, but tonight it was oddly difficult to.

You knew of one pony who was the best at keeping you warm (not that it’s been done before...you just assumed), and that was none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle. Now, you stood before her bedroom door, feeling nervous. I mean...it’s not the fact she was royalty you were embarrassed to ask this. It was merely the fact it was seemingly a test of friendship. Giving a heavy sigh, you knocked on the door, awaiting your response. 

“Come in!” Came a friendly voice. Uneasily, you opened the door, warm bedroom light flooding through the crack, widening as you opened it more. “Oh, hey! Didn’t expect to see you up so late. I was just busy catching up on some old dusty books,” She answers before you say anything. “But if you needed somepony to talk to, I’m all ears.” Princess Twilight Sparkle was laying in her bed, underneath a thick fleece blanket, with comfy pillows surrounding the head of it, with a warm lamp illuminating her and her pile of books. 

You entered and closed the door behind you, approaching the bed. As you approach, she adds, “It was, uhh...also kind of lonely. If you really want to, you can lay next to me. And I assume you’re in here mostly because of how cold it is?”

“Y-Yeah..” You answer, wondering how she guessed it. 

“I’m not surprised, the report did call for freezing temperatures tonight.” She lifts up a corner of the bed with her magic and pats the newly revealed spot, implying to get in bed with her. You feel yourself blushing slightly. This was….rather generous of her. You didn’t even have to speak a word.

“Trust me, I know you’re shocked. But when you know a friend well, you know what they want at times. That and I’ve been out in the hall myself, so I can imagine you’d be cold, considering you have no fur.”

You got into the bed with Twilight as she lay the blanket onto you. Almost instantly, she scoots you closer to her, sort of bumping her. You two had indeed been bonding quite a bit since Starlight was taking care of Royal business in Canterlot. You and her were close, but...when she was away, you preferred her mentor as company, too. But now it was close to a point when Twilight really liked you. As a friend, of course.  You felt immensely warm, but in a good kind of way. 
“This book I’m reading is about ocean life. I’m almost surprised hippogriffs aren’t in it. Maybe it’s because they were originally land creatures. Do you want to read it?”

“Well….I was hoping maybe you could….read it to me?”

“Huh….I’d never read TO anyone before...well, not in a moment like this, of course. But sure! Reading helps me relax, so I wonder what it’ll do reading TO someone. But first..I’m sure the comforting atmosphere of the room is making you sleepy. Trust me, it is for me, too. So, uhh….not sure how to word this, but if you want you could lean on me. Even ponies are aware of how soft they are.”

You move a bit closer and lean onto the Princess’ shoulder. Almost instantly, her left wing curls around you, almost like a robe. The fur on her shoulder and sides adds to the comfort of your position. 
“Comfortable?” She asks, and you simply nod.

“Alright then. This one’s a good chapter – it’s about porpoises and dolphins, the majestic creatures of the ocean. I mean, heh, that...second part isn’t really in the book. They just fascinate me.”

Her voice sifts to a soothing tone as she begins to read. “Dolphins are commonly known for their adorableness and general friendliness to many. They use echolocation to find objects in the dark, and are commonly used in rescue teams. The fins on their backs are often mistaken for that of a shark. However, they…..and like to…….often eat…...”

You’re surprised at how quickly you begin to fall asleep. The warmth of the blanket and the room, the softness and comforting feeling of her fur and wings, and her soothing reading voice all combine into a pleasant feeling you get just from listening to her read. You doze off here and there, but slightly wake up from a gentle nudge. “Are you falling asleep already? Or is my reading that actually boring to you?” She jokes. “I’m kidding, hehehe, I know how reading can be. Shall I keep going?”

You give a sleepy nod, focusing on nothing now. She continues to read, and you feel yourself falling back asleep. “Whales have sizes that vary…..large stomachs….mostly consist of krill...prey is mostly squid….”

You feel yourself falling back asleep. When you momentarily wake up, Twilight has her books stacked back up, a hoof around your shoulder or arm, and you find yourself laying on….her chest? You’re surprised at how understanding she is at snuggling you. You thought this would turn out...much differently, maybe even a questioning look. But it seems like all those hours you spent with her in total resulted in her really trusting you. Now it seemed like SHE wanted to snuggle you. In any case, you felt safe, warm, and happy this turned out well. 

You closed your eyes again, falling back asleep to face the day that awaited you tomorrow.

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10 minutes ago, Loyal Defender said:

If I manage to think up more, I will. This was my first time as Twi, though, so I'll need to get into the swing of it.

You should go to fimfiction, the M rating'd do some of your stories a justice

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