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Experiences with love for my main char

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I wasn't sure where to post this. I'm was hoping someone could help me though... I need to know how to write love experiences etc for my autistic main character. Any experiences with this will do fine whether you are autistic or not. I won't single everyone out of this just because you aren't autistic. I just need to develop how the character will feel about falling in love for the first time. If you want, I'll post some questions... and you guys can pick ones that appeal to you etc. Other than that, you are entitled to posting as much info as you can. If you feel more comfortable DMing me, feel free to do this as well! I don't mind.

What was your first love like? (Give as much as you remember, it doesn't have to be an entire monologue)

What are some experiences you have with it?

How did you feel when you fell in love?

Thanks if you reply. :wub:

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