Critique Wanted Showing off/critique/advice needed

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Ok, so this is a dual (maybe triple? :P) purpose thread:

First is to show off my OC's updated look/show progress after 2-3 years as well as get a critique on the finished work:

Old version:


New version:


The second (or third) thing, was I need some advice on a WIP. I can't seem to get Luna's eyes not to look all herp-derp, was hoping for some advice on how to address that:


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Excuse me, your character remind me for a old friend I lose contact for a long time... Are you, by chance, that friend of mine? 

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Maybe bring her left eye a bit closer to the other eye so they don’t look derped. As for the picture above it, get rid of the shadow in the center of his face and make a shorter one because it looks like it doesn’t match up to the hair. Other than that I like how you drew the ponies.

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