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  1. Hmm, I dunno. The proportions are a little better. The color choices on Sunny and Moonbow are over done. I like the gradient hair on Moonbow and Trailblazer, and hope that translates to the toys. The stubby Elsa-faces are very off-putting, but not nearly as much as Pony Life and their jawless animation. Someone mentioned they look like Shopkinz Horses, which is right on the nose. I like the green pegasus, and will pick it up if they make a good toy. The hair looks like it may be better quality this time, but I'll wait and see. Overall *shakes hand back and forth*
  2. Nice to see you back again! How's your G1 collection going? :kindness:

  3. Not a pony, but part of the mlp line and a childhood toy. Friendly the Bushwoolie. Once I get the princess he came with back, I'll have all my childhood Pegasus back. Bushwoolies are so cute.
  4. I am incredibly jealous! They look fantastic together! The Mountain Boys are hands down one of the best UK/Euro sets around.
  5. I love those colors. So perfect for the season. I don't have any of the Autumn G3s yet. Would love to get my mitts on Autumn Skye and Pumpkin Tart. My daughter got Abracadabra this year and she's plenty cute too.
  6. Seaspray is one of my minor G3 grails. Took 2 pics to show off those pretty hair stripes. She's gorgeous! And Baby Penny Candy, who, for reasons I can't understand, took a side trip in the complete opppsite direction on her way to me. Such a cutiepie.
  7. Congrats. Glory is so pretty and classic. Yeah, I wish we'd gotten the other 10 G3 unis. There were some nice designs. Wish we'd gotten a few babies too, they woulda been adorable.
  8. 4 newer ones including another childhood pony. From the left: Shady (childhood toy) Morning Glory Queen Rosedust HQG1C Ocean Mist who I plan to dye.
  9. I finally got around to finishing this custom. Her name is Whale Song. Seascape arrived Monday. She's so bright and summery and her hair is awesome.
  10. I got my first G2 this year. Her name is Miss Painter, I like her bold, contrasting colors. @Splashee Ooh! You have Prince Firefly and Copper Glow! They're on my wishlist too.
  11. Hello there! I got all the mountain boys now!


    Tell me if you want to see :squee:

    1. Splashee


      Well, you get to see anyways...


  12. https://m.facebook.com/indemandtoys/posts/2628272534083315 Holy cow those are freakin cute! The details, poses and colors are great! I especially love the white/green pony and the minstrel. If these aren't too expensive I'll grab the pack.
  13. Sounds like Sweet Song. I didn't know she had a plushie
  14. Congratulations on your grail! What an amazing find! I've never seen anything but stock photos of this girl before. She's such a pretty and unique pony. I never realized she had subtle yellow and orange shading. Her hair is awesome. My dream G3 Fair/Con Exclusive Ponies are Peacock, Frisco, Trolley and Ninja. But I doubt that'll happen.
  15. My first G1s of the year. SS Twilight is one of my big childhood grails. I was so thrilled to get her this January. She's darling! Picked up Basic Fun Trickles on impulse with my Crackerbarrel gift card last month. What a sweet springtime girl she is.
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