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  1. Black Mage Powers Blizzaga 3
  2. Churros and chocolate milk
  3. You are now known as Quartet.
  4. Your username and avatar is just lovely

  5. Depends on my mood and who it is.
  6. Yeah but it gets repetitive and dull. Even MLP n Friends didn't have every villain redeemed.
  7. Very pretty. I like how annoyed Queen Novo looks. What's that green thing with the goggles and float? It looks like a doofy, drunk, zombie seagull.
  8. I like both. I do hope to get figures of them.
  9. I've always called it soda.
  10. As a cutesy little outing to take the kiddies too at best. Bland at worst.
  11. I'm sure she's one of them. I'm tired of reformed villains. We need some irredeemable ones again.
  12. Mega Thread

    I will devour you, your family and your city!
  13. Yes I have the Running Mill Glory set, a gray t-shirt and I'm on the hunt for the Loyal Subject Ponies. Notably Sundance, Firefly, Lickety-split and Snuzzle. I would love to have the Hallmark Moondancer ornament, but ours closed forever ago. I have a feeling I'm gonna end up ordering online. I wouldn't say it's getting love within G4 anymore then the Collector and Rainbows Pony re-release packs or dollymix ponies got love within G3. It's just retro-merch is all. Like the current retro Strawberry Shortcake and TMNT packs.
  14. Lucky! I've been looking for those everywhere!
  15. Hierok's Whisper