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  1. Spoiler

    Maybe they're like the knights of Hyrule, all show and no use?
  2. G1 (n Friends)

    Those are cute! I've never seen them before.
  3. That is a good question. Whatever crocodile tastes like maybe? Or snake? It'd probably be pretty tough.
  4. Spoiler

    Oh look it's the mane bore. Not a single new character to be seen from their new movie. Variety is a good thing Hasbro. Kids like it too.
  5. It's not MLP, but how could I resist? I so would have worn this as a little girl. It's so cute!
  6. Ba dum tiss! I'm hoping we get to have her as a single release too. That playset is too rich for my blood and even if it wasn't, its too big we'd have no place to put it.
  7. That would make my year! :3
  8. Well said Jerric.
  9. Appaloosas would be cute.
  10. Sends out the Booperang
  11. Spoiler

    I really don't see how MLP is deep or complex. Especially compared to shows like ATLA, TLoK, Exo Squad, JatH, SU and TF. Which has rich story telling and deals with any combination of political, societal, spiritual, moral/ethical and personal issues far better.
  12. Lol no. The fact that it has continued to be highly profitable for it's Target Audience, aka little kids, is what has kept it going for 30 years. And it's not even Hasbro's biggest and most profitable franchise. That honor goes to Transformers plus their Target Audience and their older fans spend way more and get better merchandise and get continuous reiterations, old and new. MLP is likely it's second biggest though. @Attack of the Pwns The Simpsons Transformers
  13. I just love your gif of the galloping horse. How perfect for autumn!

    1. chaosprincess


      Thank you I love horses and just happened to find this old dusty gif icon in one of my folders so thought I would use it as an icon.

  14. *Waves magic wand* I boopa your snoota! Kazaam!