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  1. Worst My Little Pony toy ever?

    Your creeped out by a jewelry box? I guess you weren't a fan of Keypers either huh? They're very pretty in real life. My cousin had one. I think Pretty Puff?
  2. 35th anniversary g1 sold in target

    I wrote them too. Never got a response. I'm on the TP and the Arena btw.
  3. 35th anniversary g1 sold in target

    Are you for serious about them being sold at TrU? Awesome!!!
  4. Depends on the customizer and the complexity or simplicity of the custom. They hafta find and buy bait, if not provided one. They hafta buy hair, paint or clay as well. I have two amazing character customs that I commissioned from a very talented customizer. They have paintjobs, moulded clay clothing, details and deliberately styled hair. They took quite a while to make. Trust me, pics don't do these boys justice because you can't see every detail in one photo. They're some of the crown jewels of my collection. Repaints, grail customs and restorations take some time to do, because you are making/restoring/recreating it for someone paying you and you want it to look good for your customer and build up a good reputation. On the flipside, I have this little cutie who simply needed her mane done. Everything else was already done for the customizer. Her tail and symbol were done beforehand. The pony and remaining hair was already provided for, so she didn't take long. Rehairs and alt-hairs take less time.
  5. This current generation of MLP does not have a Complete Monster

    That goes for a lot of cartoon villains tbh.
  6. This current generation of MLP does not have a Complete Monster

    Wouldn't Sombra be considered one? Or at the least the closest thing to it?
  7. Thinking of starting to collect stuff

    Rule of thumb for every collection. Buy what you like and you won't be unhappy.
  8. What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    @Rainbow Glitterswirl Shampoo and conditioner. I personally use tresemme, (because that's what I buy for me) but whatever you've got will do just fine. Styling? Depends on whatcha want to do. Braids, feathers, beads and curls are easy.
  9. 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies

    Sure wish they'd done a different set. They did this set and the first Rainbow Set for the 25th Anniversary. And I personally have never been fond of the Collector Ponies. They could have gone with other popular sets. Like So-Softs, Twinkle Eyes, Big Brothers, or Unicorns. Ah well, my daughter would like Bluebelle so if it pops up anywhere other then Target I'll snag her one.
  10. Cancelled G3 Feature Film

    Ugh. Those movies were boring and awful. I hear they're doing Woody Woodpecker next.
  11. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    This post makes me smile for some reason. Back OT: Anyway, I personally want better toys, new characters, more adventure and a new, more detailed art style and horsey design. After seeing Twilight Sparkle packaged with damn near every movie character in stores, I'm totally sick of her, whereas before I didn't mind her. Kid and adult customers like variety hasbroken. Relearn it.
  12. Gaming What game are you most looking forward to?

    The Mega Man games capcom recently anmounced. The new No More Heroes game.
  13. Thinking of starting to collect stuff

    Advice: Look around until you see something you like. Then buy it.
  14. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Is it weird that I imagined you saying this in your most posh, villain voice? XD It fits both brands like a glove. As I detailed for you. Dunno if the new redesign for AJ is true, but its reminiscent of Breyers Pony Gals line and Horseland. Breyer Pony Gals Horseland