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  1. Congratulations on your grail! What an amazing find! I've never seen anything but stock photos of this girl before. She's such a pretty and unique pony. I never realized she had subtle yellow and orange shading. Her hair is awesome. My dream G3 Fair/Con Exclusive Ponies are Peacock, Frisco, Trolley and Ninja. But I doubt that'll happen.
  2. My first G1s of the year. SS Twilight is one of my big childhood grails. I was so thrilled to get her this January. She's darling! Picked up Basic Fun Trickles on impulse with my Crackerbarrel gift card last month. What a sweet springtime girl she is.
  3. I bought Tiny Book Sweetie Belle for a custom. I almost changed my mind because this fig is SO CUTE! Magnet Bolt turned out decently enough for someone who can't draw. I also grabbed 9 G3 ponies at the swapmeet for my bday. (And 1 G4) Rainbowdash(reobtained) Tea Leaf, Baby Keen Bean, Cotton Candy, Baby Pink Sunsparkle, Banjo Blue, Tink-a-tink-a-too, Toola Roola and Sweet Summertime. Banjo went to a little cousin for her bday. CC, Tink and Summertime are going to be traded off for ponies on my wishlist
  4. Got em! Cute bunch, nice silky hair. It wanted to stick up, but a good conditioning and a wet-towel wrap tamed it down. Plastic is decent, the seams show pretty badly in person. Oh well. AJ, Pinkie and Rarity are more G3ish. Dash and Fluttershy more G1ish. TS is a nice mix of both.
  5. Found a ton of toys at the swapmeet for my bday last month. Rainbowdash (reobtained), Tea Leaf, Baby Keen Bean Cotton Candy, Baby Pink Sunsparkle, Banjo Blue Tink-a-tink-a-too, Toola Roola, Sweet Summertime, Lucky Clover. That whole big bunch for $9.50 was a pretty good deal. Cotton Candy, Tink and Summertime are being traded off, and Banjo Blue went to a little cousin for her bday. She was very happy. I ordered the Retro Mane Six Pack and it took a while to get to me. That's okay. I'm keeping everyone but Pinkie, she's in the process of being sold. I'm going to attempt to customize AJ. The rest are staying. And I picked up Basic Fun Trickles with a gift card.
  6. That's G3 Wysteria. She's quite pretty. http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/Wysteria
  7. Yeah. Its not an attractive figure. The unicorn horn is stupid. I personally never liked the Pony Friends and Pretty Pals myself. Your talking about how it could tie in with lore. Not every single thing has to have lore attatched to it. As of right now it does not. Its just a toy that Hasbro is reissuing in blindbag form. With a stupid unicorn horn attatched to it.
  8. What's to know? Hasbro made the toy then. They made the toy now. And there is no denying that llama and alpaca toys and merch have been gaining popularity. Just as Cutesaurus was made to tap into the dinosaur craze of the 80s and early 90. So they figure why not dust off a figure that might catch older collectors attention (and that's how i found out about the new blindbags) and catch newer fans attention with the llama craze. Hasbro is a toy company above all else.
  9. http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/Cha_Cha That would be Cha Cha. One of the Pony Friend toys.
  10. https://www.mlpmerch.com/?m=1 I wonder if Hasbro knows that horses need their jaws to talk and eat? They are completely removed on the BBs. My Little Pony continues to get uglier. Its a shame because I'm seeing some nice color schemes. The expressions make them look strung out. Surprised to see Cha Cha the Llama. I wonder if they'll remake more of the Pony Friends and Pretty Pals? I notice the animals all have faces. Wtf Hasbroken? You can give a dog and a hippo a decent face but not your ponies? I wish the normal animals didn't have stupid unicorn horns. Oh well, they can always be cut off. The flying pigs are the only ones I really like.
  11. At least newborn cuties still had their jaws. At this point I'll take those over these ugly things.
  12. Fireball is so handsome! Congratulations @Splashee I got my last pony of the year and another of my childhood ponies, Mirror Mirror. Here she is washed and brushed.