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  1. Congrats on your G3s and I loved Maya the Bee when I was little.

  2. Sure. Go right ahead and willingly invite that. (Though the brat with the big draft horse certainly invited it and got precisely what she deserved.)
  3. I highly suggest watching Return of Tambelon to get a better feel for him. Its a good episode, with creepy medieval imagery, a top tier baddie who didn't put up with incompetence or betrayal, some intelligent tactics used against him and a good victory song.
  4. Just started Doomwhyte from the Redwall series. This is one I haven't read before.
  5. He's a magical warlord ram who has the ability to shoot lightning and make cages from his horns. The bell around his neck connects to a larger bell that holds his magic. He also had an army of enslaved Troggles under his command, as well as a donkey named Bray. He almost succeeded in conquering Dream Valley. He was also not afraid to get physical and tried to charge and trample Spike and several of the ponies. He was defeated when North Star, (not Gusty,) flew back into the castle and rung the bell to break his power. His goal was to conquer ponyland and he decided to send the ponies into the realm of darkness when they proved to be too troublesome to be slaves. He was a typical 80s villain personality. Mean, cruel and abusive to his lackeys.
  6. Oh yeah. I bought that set for the kiddo. She is so cool.
  7. The dreaming romantic in me says Absolutely I do! The pessimist in me says No. We must find our special someone and work on having a good relationship. There's no guarantees.
  8. Port a potties. They're usually incredibly gross. One time I found one that defied the usual nastiness. Who writes their name in their own shit? *Gags* I only ever use them if I absolutely have to.
  9. Nope. I'd be afraid I'd drop my phone or something. I'm pretty klutzy, haha!
  10. Somewhere between 5 and 7 hours. Glad its starting to cool off a little. Maybe I'll get better sleep. Plus our asshole neighbors have either moved or been warned too many times by the cops for driving their stupid, loud car up and down the streets at unholy hours of the morning.