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How big can the profile covers be?


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Cover photos? I remember trying to find the perfect size and whatsoever, made a wall of text with details and some kind of a template, but it all turned out to be more complex than that, thus wrecking everything I've prepared. :P 


From what I see now, I could say the following:

HCAXZFs.png Preferred cover's width is 1282.
This is preferable width, as images will be scaled up or down to that width. In order to save some filesize, do not go beyond that width.

HCAXZFs.png Preferred cover's height is unknown, but something around 1000 should be enough.
It all depends on resolution. Note, that on desktop you'll probably see about 200 - 400 pixels, where on mobile it usually goes way beyond that, due to more square-y display.

HCAXZFs.png Unlike with width, different height will not scale the image.
So it basically can have any height, without any quality loss.

HCAXZFs.png Maximum file size is 0.25MB.
The more details the image will have, the heavier it will be, even if it have the same dimensions.

HCAXZFs.png Preferred image format is .png.
This format doesn't hurt the quality, unlike .jpg, for example. Though consider using lower quality formats when ending up with images, that exceed the maximum allowed file size. In that case, .jpg will do.


The problem here is height, as it is relative to display size. Some users may see more than the others. Generally the higher the image, the better, assuming the filesize will not be complaining. :P 

Also try to focus on the top of the image, as mainly that part is displayed.

Well, Of course I may be mistaking, like it turned out the last time. :twi:

I'd suggest temporarily putting a simple image, so that you could see how it behaves for yourself. ;) 

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